The Disturbing Mating Habits of Ducks

For female ducks, life is good! The more male ducks that are around, the better the sex life, apparently.

Male ducks, or drakes, can have a penis that is up to 25 centimeters long.That’s more than half of its body length!

Image: pennywise

After breeding season, the duck penis withers away and falls off, much like an umbilical cord on a newborn human baby. The penis has done its job, and now the male duck has better things to occupy his blood flow with.

Next spring, when mating season is back in full swing, and the lady ducks are skinny dipping and ready for love, the penis grows back.

Image: stjerne

How much it grows back is dependent upon the male competition. The question I have is, how do they know what other male duck penises look like? Are there “pond comparisons”? Is there chatter among “duck mail”?

Many birds don’t grow penises (so if you believe in reincarnation, don’t ask to be a bird). However, ducks do grow penises just to deliver the sperm “goods” during mating season.


Image: gracey

Since there is a lot of male competition to further the lineage in ducks, males have to go to all sort of “lengths” to make sure their sperm makes the final cut and there is a “ducky daddy”.

But, females never go willingly into the mating ritual. Females do everything possible to thwart reproduction – including contorting their vaginas.

Male ducks, not to be outdone by the crafty female ducks’ aversions, will then deploy odd shaped penises to outdo the female. See pics here.

Research has shown that having a larger population of male ducks around will make a male duck’s penis 15% longer than if he was one of a few males around.

If the female duck doesn’t want to have any hanky-panky despite being in heat, the male duck will rape her.

There is definitely no love among ducks.


The worst part about having a big penis is that if the male duck doesn’t get his timing down right, growing his penis too early in mating season might cause the penis to wither away before he can mate with all the female ducks. So, size matters, but so does timing. There’s nothing worse than having a big penis that suddenly withers away early on while all the other males are still having fun with theirs.

Male ducks have control over when their penises start to grow and how big they become. However, they can’t control the “withering rate.”

Researchers are delighted with this new and enlightening finding. This explains why male ducks are so well hung – or have a lot to “quack about.”