The Weirdest Deep Sea Creatures – Just Discovered

Deep in the middle of the Atlantic lies a huge underwater mountain range, equivalent in size to that of the alps, better known as the Mid-Atlantic ridge. Underneath the huge mass of water, right on sea floor, lurk creatures that have never seen before by human eyes. That is because only 1% of our ocean floor has been explored. It is still one of the greatest mysteries of our times.

Just recently, an expedition led by Monty Priede, director of the Oceanlab research center at the University of Aberdeen returned successful. “We found lots of these primitive species,” said Priede “It was like going to a new country.” Indeed, it is a bizarre world, 11,500 feet beneath the sea. It is filled with exotic worms, beautiful coral, transparent fish and yet it is completely in the dark.

The team of 31 scientists, coordinated by the Norway-based MAR-ECO project and the global Census of Marine Life program initiative, were the first to see a huge range of marine species, due to the depths and pressures that the ocean yields. They mapped over 1,500 square miles of the sea floor from the Azores to Iceland.

The National Geographic reported that:

“At least one new species, a tiny crustacean called a seed shrimp, is likely new to science, researchers said.

“Another exciting find was a “spiral poo worm,” an animal first identified in 2005 that deposits spiral-shaped feces, some of which have been found in the fossil record dating back hundreds of millions of years.

“Further voyages planned for 2008 and 2009 will retrieve this equipment and collect more samples, Preide said.”