Woman on Cheetah Attack: Meh

It’s said that when you truly enjoy your job, you can’t wait to get out in the morning, and that going to work feels like going to play a game, or visit a friend.

133839063480018373.jpgImage from euan_pics on flickr

Obviously, the owner of a Florida wildlife preserve is drinking that kool-aid: she says she can’t wait to get discharged from the hospital and see the cheetahs that attacked her.

Judy Berens, laid out by not one, but two of the great cats on Saturday, needed stitches, staples, and a hefty dose of antibiotics after being airlifted away from Panther Ridge Conservation Center.

In what was apparently an accident at first– the cheetahs were distracted by a bouncing ball outside their enclosure, and knocked her over investigating– she received over 40 puncture wounds to her back and extremities before a team could enter the habitat and rescue her from the pair of African big cats.

Berens, to her credit (or maybe as proof of a head injury), makes clear that the cats will remain on the property, which has over 20 large cats.