Woman Runs One Mile With Rabid Fox Locked to Her Arm

Finally, proof that exercise is bad for your health: Yesterday, a jogger in Arizona discovered that exercise is not as good for you as people profess. During her regular run she was attacked by a rabid fox, who it turns out was also remarkably insistent.

After the fox bit the jogger on the foot she went to grab it by the scruff of the neck only for the fox to firmly clamp its jaw on her arm. Despite trying to shake the it off, the fox would not let go so the lady had to run the mile back to her car with fox in situ. That’s one dedicated jogger.

Image: mikebaird

By the time she reached the car she had managed to pry the fox free and, wrapped in a shirt, she chucked it in the boot and set off to seek medical attention, both for herself and the animal. A struggle at the vet saw the feisty fox bite the animal carer too, so once it was confirmed the creature was indeed rabid both the jogger and the vet received anti-rabies injections.

The local Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying:”… it is very difficult to prevent the attack of a wild rabid animal once in progress.

“Although containing the animal for testing is beneficial, immediate treatment is always the priority.”

There was no mention of a statement to joggers about the risks they’re running with their health while partaking of their favorite sport.

Source BBC News