Another Day, Another UN Report Warning of Worldwide Extinctions

A report by the UN’s IPCC estimates that nearly a third of all wildlife species worldwide will face extinction if global greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow.

gorrilaOne of the many species threatened by climate change.

That’s not all, according to the report. If global temperatures rise by over 2? C by 2050, around 20% of the world’s population will face a high risk of drought. Some places not affected by drought will likely experience floods, including China and Bangladesh.

2,500 climate change scientists compiled the report. The report is expected to have an effect on talks in Bali next month. Bali will host a UN conference on climate change, and a new agreement along the lines of the Kyoto Protocols is expected to be drawn up.

The scientists do offer some hope, saying it is possible to halt climate change if emissions are reduced by 2015. Unfortunately, current trends point to a rise in greenhouse gas emissions.

The report says that a global temperature rise of up to 5 ?C could occur if no changes are made in emission levels. This could result in “significant extinctions.”

Source: Telegraph

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