Are Polar Bears On A Deathwatch?

Everybody take along look at the picture below, and prepare yourself to mist up a little bit when Coca-Cola begins running their annual wintertime commercials…
Image from sabinche

The World Wildlife Fund has declared that polar bears will be extinct by 2050 unless the Canadian government can lead the world in drastic action.

Canada, which has 2/3 of the world’s polar bear population inside of its borders, is obviously in a hard spot– they have to try to reign in the human hunting against the bears, even as climate change drives them into greater contact with human populations. On top of that of course is climate change, which is progressively removing the sea ice that the bears thrive on.

The WWF report highlights that Canada is about to sell off a bear habitat on June 2nd to the oil company who supplies the highest bid; an imperative is laid at the state to issue guidelines for protecting the bears and their habitat even as the exploration goes on. Without it, they claim, the bears have exhibited a willingness to walk all the way to Russia, or travel hundreds of miles inland in search of safe habitats and food.