Canada Says Baby Seals Will be Clubbed ‘More Humanely’

Canada’s government says it is imposing new rules to ensure seals are killed “more humanely”.

clubImage from SSCS

Ottawa has been heavily criticized for allowing hunters to shoot and club hundreds of thousands of seals to death each year.

Pictures of burly men smashing open the skulls of baby seals, sometimes causing a prolonged, painful death, has been a huge problem for the Canadian government.

Over 300,000 thousands seals are allowed to be killed in March and April, and are hunted for their fur and fat oil.

From now on, hunters will have to follow a three step process: After clubbing or shooting the seal, a hunter must check its eyes to ensure it is dead and, if not, the animal’s main arteries have to be cut.

Animal rights protestors argue there are not enough regulators to enforce the laws.

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Via :: Reuters