November 5: Flaming Hedgehog Night?


Warm, dry woodpiles are a perfect place for a hedgehog looking for a place to hole up for the winter. In the UK, however, Bonfire Night on November 5 can mean death for these roly-poly little creatures as their woodpiles are set alight.

Hedgehogs can end up burned during community bonfire celebrations. Many communities build their bonfires days or weeks ahead of time, giving the animals ample opportunity to set up house inside the comfy piles of wood. There are several ways, however, to minimize the risk of your bonfire night turning into a hedgehog barbecue.

First, while inconvenient for some, setting up your bonfire the day of the event can prevent hedgehogs and other hibernating animals from setting up inside the bonfire. Also, if you can, moving a bonfire which has been sitting for several days can lessen the problem. Finally, remember to set up your bonfire well away from trees in open ground to prevent the risk of the fire spreading to forest areas.

Have a safe and happy Bonfire night, and may your bonfire be hedgehog free.

Source: Guardian

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