Save Our Ecosystems, Save Our Planet

Could you just go outside and spot a frog? Well, 99% of the time the answer is no. Even I can’t spot a frog easily near my house. And you know why? Because our ecosystems are getting destroyed because of you, me and every human being on the planet!

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An ecosystem is an area composed of abiotic and biotic factors. There are lots of kinds of ecosystems all around the world. Still sitting there and thinking about what an ecosystem is? Well, how about you think about how can you conserve them instead. There are various ways to do this and a few are listed below:

Stop Deforestation.

Climbing Gloucester TreePhoto: BadJonni

This is a pretty cool idea, and essentially does what it says on the tin: stops the cutting down of trees. This helps us minimize the use of wood and other forest produces; all you have to do is prepare a group and act against deforestation by planting lots and lots of trees.

The second step is to: Minimize the Use of Energy Resources.


Laying down some fire with drip torchPhoto: Jennifer Rich

For this you should control the amount of electricity used in your homes as well as in your offices – switch off the lights and switches while not in use, and use CFL’s in your house in order to save electricity.

And don’t only save electricity, but fossil fuels too. Think about it: switch off your engines at traffic lights and always look for any fuel leakage etc, because it will not only harm the ecosystem but you too.

The third measure is to: Stop Polluting the Air, Water and Soil.


For the past 100 years this has been the main reason for the destruction of the ecosystem. To help this issue refrain from throwing waste into water bodies, do not burn fuels, such as dry leaves, (the may give out poisonous gases) and cut down the use of pesticides and other chemicals, which should be banned. Use eco-friendly sources, like Neem leaves, to keep away insects.

There are many other methods too and one final one from me: the Conservation of Wildlife.

Aye AyePhoto: JLplusAL

This is an exiting one. For this you can track endangered species and make a group and act against the killing of these poor creatures. You can even stop eating certain kinds of meat. Slaughtering animals is so horrific, for example think of a chicken which is killed for its meat: its head is sliced with a knife and feathers taken off. Imagine that you were that chicken. How would it feel? Pretty terrible…

Now, ponder our ecosystems and how you can take responsibility for saving them carefully – I’m sure you can think of many more ideas to help them flourish. Just remember: you’re not just saving it for you, but for our beautiful planet’s future and for our next generation to see.


Sun in UVPhoto: Coolcosmos