Water Park Planned For Drought Hit Desert

Phoenix, Arizona has had over 11 years of drought. Water levels in and around the city are close to record lows. Clearly, the city needs a water park.

Arizona Desert

Residents of the nearby city of Mesa certainly seem to think so. They recently passed a resolution supporting the Waveland water park project by two to one.

The water park aims to create the beaches of Hawaii and Indonesia, despite the desert location and annual rainfall of only 8 inches. The water park will offer scuba diving, white-water rafting and surfing, among other watery activities. They will build the sea about 15 miles from Phoenix.

Last year, Arizona faced its driest winter on record. The state’s underground reservoir system was not replenished as usual due to thinner than normal snowpacks in the mountains. More than half of the state, including the area where the water park will be built, is in a moderate to extreme drought zone.

The water park will need almost 190 million litres of water, all before it opens. After that, it will need 380 million litres a year to operate. A water expert who advised the company said the project will not use more water than an average golf course, but there are already over 400 golf courses in the Arizona desert.

Source: Guardian

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