Gym Generates Energy from Pedal Power

Spinning ClassPhoto:

Some muscley mastermind at a gym in Portland, Oregon has devised an ingenious way of getting out of paying the lecky bills – by getting his customers to generate the energy for him.

Adam Boesel’s newly opened gym uses human-power to create real energy from four spin bikes at a rate of 200 to 600 watts per hour, depending on how fit the rider is. The energy produced is then stored in a battery that’s used to run the rest of the gym’s equipment, along with solar-power.

Team Dynamo BikesPhoto:

Green Microgym, which opened September 1, joins a growing number human-powered gyms and includes includes state-of-the-art elliptical trainers and treadmills, which currently use 30% human-power and 70% solar-power, a yoga room with a cork floor and energy-saving ceiling fans are also in place.

Similar gyms are already in full swing in Hong Kong and California where fitness fanatics power the lights as well as the equipment.

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