How Clean Power Could Be The Answer

Throughout the world, the practice of carbon offsetting is gaining popularity as a way to counter the emissions of carbon dioxide in one area by investing in reforestation or other projects that work to reduce the emissions in another area.

However, offsetting is simply not enough. For one thing, most offsetting projects are guaranteed to work only in the short term. Additionally, it is impossible to determine what level of offsetting will ever really be enough to make a difference in the environment.

Wind farmPhoto: warrenski

For this reason, the generation of clean power is a much better alternative to offsetting because rather than countering the emissions – it reduces them. There has been a lot of discussion about taxing industries that generate power using methods that are not reducing their emissions level. This pollution tax will have less of an impact on the environment than if these industries were to change to renewable or clean power.

By taxing carbon emissions, we are doing little to influence change. And a pollution tax will most likely only further already rising unemployment rates across the country. This tax is not the most effective way to increase green living and energy generation.

Wind farmPhoto: dave_mcmt

By making an investment into clean energy, we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil and focus on exporting renewable energy across the globe. This is a much more lucrative and environmentally friendly act than simply putting a price tag on pollution.

Clean power will help to clean up the environment, it will create jobs, to reduce unemployment rates, and it will reduce the huge amount of pollution in our atmosphere today.