Rebuilding the Economy by Investing in Green Energy

Everybody knows that the modern world is plagued by a conflict of interest between the welfare of the environment and economic gain. The time has come that we show willingness to do some right things for environmental change that can benefit the entire world and to meet its enormous environmental challenges. We cannot wait any longer to put our planet on a path to cleaner energy.

Wind Turbine 1Photo: Kim Hansen

Are we aware of the term renewable sources of energy? It means energy that comes from sources that can be continuously recovered and reused over a long period of time without worrying of sources getting depleted. So let’s start using renewable sources of power, such as solar energy, wind energy, biomass, tide, geothermal and other sources. These are the most economical sources of energy.

Brighton Earthship Solar PanelsPhoto: Dominic

The most important aspect of renewable energy sources is that they are unable to produce carbon-based warming and polluting agents into the atmosphere. Some of their significant advantages are:



• They save on healthcare and related costs.

• They would reduce our oil dependency.

• In no way would they contribute to global-warming.

• They are economic and can be used repeatedly.

• They have no net carbon emissions.

Geothermal borehole housePhoto: lydurs

If we go for renewable energy sources, they would help meet our energy needs, strengthen national security, create jobs and fight global warming by investing in homegrown power sources. They have a much lower environmental impact than conventional sources of energy. There are many benefits of renewable energy to the ordinary citizen, business and home owner. They would definitely reap rewards from using renewable energy and energy-efficient appliances and save them a lot of money for them in the long run while reducing the environmental impact. Hence, people would be less dependent on traditional energy if they opt for renewable fuels. Not only this, even tax credits would enable them to reap the benefits of renewable energy. They all have a positive effect on our environment because there is nothing produced by these forms of energy that harms the environment in any significant way.

Environmental recoveryPhoto: world360

Hence we see, these are the most sustainable energy resources that avoid depletion of natural resources for future generations. So investing in clean energy would definitely be of great help in both economical and environmental sectors. It would create millions of new jobs and many new industries. It will in turn provide an immediate boost to the world’s economy. These are nothing but some of the cornerstones of a clean future that will make our economy stronger and more secure. Renewable energy sources do a lot for our environment and with more and more research, the costs will continue to come down. By setting a tight cap on the carbon pollution that is contributing to climate change, we can refuel, repower and rebuild our planet today.