Run! Fire Next to Nuclear Reactor!

On Wednesday we reported that the world’s largest nuclear plant sat on top of an active geological fault line, the one that caused Monday’s earthquake. Well another day, another nuclear horror story, this time about a nuclear fuel facility in brush fire ravaged Idaho.

idaho wildfire by environmental graffiti, a UK based environmental blog

The facility, a US Department of Energy research campus, has had to close as a wildfire that has already consumed more than 5000 acres has is now less than 7 miles away. The facility, which houses three nuclear reactors and employs 700 people, has been surrounded by a ‘buffer zone’ of sand, despite the fact that officials at the centre denied the possibility of nuclear accidents.

Following strong winds and dry, hot weather much of the west is currently grappling with wildfire. 16,000 fire fighters are currently trying to control 72 bush fires across 11 states.