Lake Suddenly Vanishes in Chile

Geologists are investigating the disappearance of a two-hectare lake in Chile today. Located in the Magellanes region, 2,000km from the capital Santiago, all that is left is a huge crater with bits of ice that used to float on top. It is as if someone pulled the plug out after having a bubble bath.

In March, park rangers patrolled the area and reported the lake to be full and at normal levels. However, Juan Jose Romero from Chile’s National Forestry Corporation, Anaf stated that when “We went again in May, to our surprise we found that the lake had completely disappeared. All that was left were chunks of ice and an enormous fissure.”

One theory, is that the disappearance may been created by an earthquake. This seems plausible, a quake hit the neighbouring region of Aysen in April and there was a huge fissure, maybe that drained it away!

Glacier specialist, Andres Rivera, told Chilean newspaper “La Tercera” that the Magallanes area “has seen interesting changes in the last few decades” – the lake wasn’t there thirty years ago and it’s disappearance seems to be part of the continual reforming of the landscape.