The Incredible Swirling Pool of Elakala Falls

When Mother Nature does her best, she is very impressive indeed. What could be more beautiful than a sylvan glade with a swirling pool nestling at the bottom of a small lovely waterfall. The imagination, however, can scarcely match the reality in this stunning image and the images below.

ElakalaPhoto: Raeky

Located in Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia, the Elakala Falls are a series of four waterfalls that have been havens for nature lovers and photographers alike. The first image and third is of the top waterfall, 35 feet high and easily accessible, while the others are less so given the lack of trails to the lower falls. The second falls shown here is only 15 feet high but that doesn’t take away from its beauty.

Not only do they fall easily across rocks and into a small brook but at the top of the brook is a swirling pool where the counter currents can easily be seen. Just above this are gorgeous mosses and violets, creating a stunning place for the hiker to clear their weary minds from the cares of the world.