Why Walk Up That Mountain When You Can Become a Human Projectile

As a kid I always wished I could fly or teleport myself to random locations. Walking can be pretty time consuming job, not to mention boring and frustrating when you have to get somewhere.

man being catapulted
Volo dell’ Angelo, (Flight of the Angels). Phillip Voiroin pictured. Image by Castelmezzano.net

As it happens, two Italian towns in the Dolomites called Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano located near where my parents have a holiday home have come up with an ingenious, yet perilous eco solution (not involving jet power), which will definitely attract the tourists.

Across two mountain peaks is a long metal cable: 1.4km long and 400 metres above the ground – from this point forward it’s pretty self explanatory why they call it “Flight of the Angels” in Italian (Volo dell’ Angelo). For a small fee of £13 or £21 depending on whether you go on a weekend or during the week, you can be catapulted across in a superman position at speeds of 90 mph. w00t!

The first person to attempt the adrenaline fuelled trip was a tecchie by the name of Philippe Voiroin in 2006 – since then the attraction has brought in large amounts of visitors eager to prove their manhood. You can watch one of these flights in action below.

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