The 20 Most Mysterious Creatures Ever Captured on Camera

Cameras are everywhere in this day and age, so it’s no surprise that they have picked up some very odd things indeed. Some of these phenomena of course look extremely weird and yet may be explained as simple hoaxes or mistaken identities; others, though, still divide opinion even now.

Image: via Cryptomundo

20. Russian Prehistoric Fish

In 2007 the Russian media reported that construction workers near Chelyabinsk city’s underground river had found a “prehistoric fish.” The pictures, however, are actually misleading shots of a Triop, a type of small crustacean that has ancestors in the fossil record dating back 300 million years. So it was a living fossil, albeit a scientifically recognized one.

Image: YouTube/Ryan Morris

19. North Carolina Sewer Creatures

No, it’s not an X-rated video. Rather, it’s a mysterious, pulsating mass that a snake cam recorded in a North Carolina sewer in 2009. And while it may not be alien eggs, the gob does have an appropriate name. Indeed, a biologist identified the mass as a coiled bunch of annelid worms called sluge worms.

Image: YouTube/Don’t Watch

18. Caribbean Alien

In February 2016 fishermen in the Caribbean Sea were stunned when they dredged up an alien-like fish with humanoid features, including a nose, feet and webbed toes. But though the fish is weird, it is not otherworldly; it’s a shortnose batfish, which uses its fins to scuttle across the seabed.

Image: YouTube/Assyrian Melodiez

17. “Chupie” the Chupacabra


In 2014 ABC News picked up the story of a Texan family who’d supposedly caught the legendary vampiric chupacabra and nicknamed the animal “Chupie.” Canid in appearance, but with versatile front paws, Chupie eventually had to be euthanized after experts identified it as a poor raccoon suffering from mange. Still, no DNA tests were ever performed…

Image: via The Telegraph

16. Taiwan Worm

While fishing in Penghu, Wei Cheng Jian made a strange discovery: a huge, gruesome green worm with a shuddersome pink tongue. What’s more, even after the thing’s mysterious identity was revealed – it was a sea-dwelling ribbon worm – its size makes it fascinating nevertheless. Indeed, one is alleged to have reached 177 feet in length, even though normally they only grow to less than a foot long.


15. California Alien

After her Californian UFO sighting was dismissed as a rocket test-fire, Facebook user Gianna Peponis allegedly found this dead creature and launched another conspiracy. People took to the internet with cries of “alien” and “government cover-up,” but Peponis had them all fooled. In fact, the original poster was a Missourian, and the picture was of a premature cow fetus in his backyard.

Image: YouTube/CupojoePro

14. Panama Creature

In Panama in 2009 frightened teenagers claimed that an alien-looking pink creature approached them. They then obviously killed it, photographed the body and circulated the pictures online. The internet buzzed with rumors for days, but a biopsy confirmed the thing to be nothing more than the corpse of a hairless sloth, bald from decomposition.

Image: YouTube/TheMusicmemorylane

13. Dutch Creature


A video broadcast on Fox News in 2015 shows a creature allegedly surprising a few tourists when they visited the oldest park in the Netherlands. Loud banging also accompanies what looks like a dark, hairy figure peering out from behind a tree. Some claim that the clip is a hoax, but there has been no professional evidence to prove or disprove its validity.

Image: YouTube/ViralNews2012

12. Lagarfljót worm

A legend since 1345, the Icelandic Lagarfljót worm – a cryptid said to live in Lake Lagarfljót – gained recent acclaim when in 2012 a farmer supposedly recorded the worm swimming in the icy lake. And although there’s no explanation as to what was filmed, a panel of experts deemed the recording “authentic,” and its subject has yet to be identified.

Image: Dave Black via NJ.Com

11. Jersey Devil


Is this a photo of Donald Trump’s hair finally finding freedom, or is it the most recent sighting of the Jersey Devil? Eyewitness Dave Black shot the pic using his smartphone while on his way home from work in Atlantic City. Regardless of the photo’s authenticity, though, the infamous devilish cryptid has had sightings dating back to 1909…

Image: YouTube/Carlos Costa

10. Brazilian Werewolf

Named for its country of origin and not it’s, um, haircut, the Brazilian werewolf was supposedly recorded on a security camera in 2014. Apparently, the resulting terror caused locals to enforce a 9:00 p.m. curfew. But while the video definitely shows something, why was the same clip also uploaded back in 2007 to no acclaim? You be the judge.

Image: YouTube/lea K

9. Thames Monster


In 2016 a large shape was filmed swimming in the Thames of London on April 1, leading some to brand it an April fool’s joke. But despite whales, dolphins and even eels being known to enter the river, there has been no definitive identity for this large creature.

Image: YouTube/AlaiNet

8. Japanese Tsunami Creature

During the 2011 Japanese tsunami, somebody caught several sightings on video showing a weird white “spirit dolphin” that seems to fly into the air from the water and then dissipate. Opinions are divided on whether it’s a mystery monster or a gas canister exploding, but so far no professional explanation has been put forward.

Image: Weird Google Earth

7. Oke Bay Monster


Google Maps can pick up some weird images, but what do you make of this one? Taken from Oke Bay, New Zealand, the picture appears to show a huge serpent; zooming in, however, reveals that the phenomenon was probably just a misleading boat trail. Probably.

Image: YouTube/Trending Updates

6. Metepec Creature

This rabbit-sized creature found in Metepec, Mexico, is said to have been ensnared in a rat trap and killed with acid. After several DNA tests proved inconclusive, however, taxidermist Urso Ruíz confessed that it was a hoax. It turned out that a zoo had sent Ruíz a buffy-tufted marmoset, and he’d then made a joke out of it for the ranch that he was working on. The owner thought he had seen the thing alive, and the story simply spiraled out from there.

Image: YouTube/Epic Wildlife

5. Chinese Gollum


In 2014 a Chinese tourist who was camping in the woods photographed a strange-looking bald creature before beating a hasty retreat. But what was it that he ran from? Well, it wasn’t Harry Potter’s Dobby or Tolkien’s Gollum but, rather, a sci-fi actor promoting the then-new Guild Wars 2 video game.

Image: YouTube/Wesse boyma

4. Campfire Creature

In 2010 a deer camera set up with motion sensors allegedly took this photo of an alien-like humanoid in the woods of Berwick, Louisiana. The confused owner of the camera shared the strange photo with the media, and both the production company for J.J. Abram’s Super 8 and PlayStation – for its Resistance 3 video game – tried to claim viral marketing credit. However, it seems that a Grim could still be out there…

Image: YouTube/Mr. Paranormal

3. Skinwalker


Facebook users began buzzing over a “skinwalker” when this bizarre picture, taken near a Native American reservation in New Mexico, made the rounds. Yet though the Native American belief in Skinwalkers, or legendary shapeshifters, is real, this picture isn’t. The image is a still from the 1980s sci-fi film Xtro.

Image: YouTube/CloudedIntentions

2. Merseyside Sewer Monster

British water company United Utilities claimed that it picked up something unusual on camera while working in a Victorian sewer. The creature was described as “far too big for a rat, standing upright on strong back legs,” and while some were fooled, the upload date gave it away: April 1, 2011.

Image: YouTube/Strange Mysteries

1. The Pope Lick Monster


Some thought they had found proof of Kentucky’s legendary Goatman, which supposedly lives in a train trestle over Pope Lick Creek, when they saw this cleverly doctored photo. The trestle is real and so is the train, though. Indeed, in April 2016 a tourist from Ohio died whilst trespassing on the trestle, while her boyfriend narrowly avoided serious injury.