Amazing Facts About Oil

Ever had a burning desire to know more about oil? Well, Neatorama have written a great post listing a load of weird and wonderful oil facts bout the precious liquid some people call, black gold.

Discover how much Saudi oil giant Aramco are really worth, what people did with worthless oil at the turn of the 20th century or what role dinosaurs really have in the production of fossil fuels:

“It’s common knowledge that oil came from decomposing dead dinosaurs and plant matters (after all, it is called “fossil fuel,” right?) – but that’s actually wrong. Though most scientists believed that oil has a biological origin, they don’t believe that oil came from dinosaurs. They thought that oil was derived from single-celled planktons that flourished, died and then decomposed hundreds of millions of years ago.”

We were impressed so we thought we’d share it with you guys.
Check out the full article here. Enjoy!