Cuba In Animals For Oil Deal

Cuba has for a long time had to wrangle its resources using various wiley ways because of imposed sanctions. Most recently, the oil starved island struck a bargain with old ally Venezuela – the South American country will ship oil to Cuba in return for a collection of zoo animals.

Currently, Cuba has a deal going that sees doctors going to Venezuela in exchange for 92,000 barrels of oil a day but in this new deal, along with the oil shipment, Cuba will receive some much needed medical equipment.

Keepers at Havana National Zoological Park are preparing to transport a giraffe named ‘Evo’, after Bolivia’s leftist leader Evo Morales, a lion, a pygmy hippopotamus, two hyenas, an antelope and an ankoli African cow.

Despite financial difficulties when the zoo’s biggest benefactor collapsed – the Soviet Union – Havana’s zoo retains a great reputation and boasts 400 zebras and 300 lions born in captivity; pretty remarkable, don’t you think?