End of the Road for Gas Guzzlers

Lambeth Council have introduced a ground-breaking environmentally friendly parking policy, in an attempt to slash carbon emissions in the borough.

end of the road for gas guzzlers by environmental graffiti, a UK based based environmental blog

New parking permits came into force yesterday which, innovatively, link cost to vehicle emissions. The system works as a sliding scale, with the very worst gas guzzlers being charged £200 for a permit. The least polluting cars, on the other hand, will be charged as little as £30.

Environmentalists seem to be winning this battle against the car industry. Sales of the dreaded 4×4 polluter have been falling by 8% year on year and greener alternatives, such as hybrids, are becoming increasingly popular.

London also seems to be ahead of the curve on this issue. Lambeth Council’s parking policy follows on from a number of other initiatives. The Congestion Zone has recently been extended to include Chelsea. The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone has even recently proposed a £25 congestion charge for the most polluting vehicles. Is this the reason for such a high level of investment in public transport in London over the past few years? Perhaps…

Almost everyone, whether they be cyclists, drivers or local councillors are waking up the fact that to own a hideously polluting 4×4 and to drive it around the streets of London is not just laughable, but also morally irresponsible.