Expert: Biofuels a “Crime Against Humanity”

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The UN special rapporteur on the right to food, Jean Ziegler, said this week he considers biofuels a “crime against humanity” and that he fears biofuels would only bring more hunger.


As an example, he said, it takes 510 pounds of corn to produce 13 gallons of ethanol. That much corn could feed a child in Zambia or Mexico for a year, he said.

He also called for a 5-year moratorium on production of biofuels to halt what he calls a growing ‘catastrophe’ for the poor. He said 5 years would be enough time for technological advances so that agricultural waste could be used to create biofuels.

“The effect of transforming hundreds and hundreds of thousands of tons of maize, of wheat, of beans, of palm oil, into agricultural fuel is absolutely catastrophic for the hungry people,” he said. “So it’s a crime against humanity” to devote agricultural land to biofuel production, Ziegler said at a news conference. “What has to be stopped is … the growing catastrophe of the massacre (by) hunger in the world,” he said.

Mr. Ziegler has been known for his comments before, once saying that the United States is an “‘imperialist dictatorship’ that is guilty of ‘genocide’ and that the Gaza Strip is “an immense concentration camp”.

Via :: BBC

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