Victims of Russian Oil Spill Begin to Pile Up

Local wildlife has begun to feel the effects of the recent Russian oil spill as thousands of dead and dying birds and fish are washing up on shore.


Several environmental groups have estimated the size of the oil spill to be around 2000 tons. Continuous storms have caused clean-up operations to be delayed. Oil slicks over a mile long can be seen near the spot where the tanker Volganeft-139 broke up during severe storms on Sunday. At least four other ships were also sunk in the storm.

Rescue missions are still underway to save sailors stranded after the storm, but poor weather conditions forced the search to be scaled back yesterday. Three people have already died.

Russian President Vladimir Putin responded quickly to the spill. Prime Minister Vicktor Zubkov was dispatched to the Kerch coast near the disaster to report and organize the clean-up operations.

The spill is considered the worst in Russian history. Hundreds or even thousands more birds are estimated to die, along with thousands of tons of fish.

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