30 Creepiest Vegetables on Earth

We’re not sure if there’s been a movie entitled, ‘Attack of the Killer Veggies’, but judging by the mass of strange, creepy and downright weird images of vegetables sneaking around online, there should be.
alien saladPhoto: Some of the outlandish veg we’ve found for your perusal are convoluted freaks of nature, while others have been manufactured by the hand of humans, either way, this collection of your not-so-average common and garden vegetables should please everyone – yes, including your vegetarian friends heard saying “vegetables have feelings too.”

Alien Veggies

1. Hellraiser XXVI, The Root of All Evil: Sometimes turnips just go bad.
Image: Jasmin

2. Run for your lives! The killer cucumber is on the loose. Arrragh! *runs away shrieking like a girl.
killer cucumberPhoto:
Image: A Skin For Tomorrow

3. Talk about creepy looking babies. This one resembles something from a Harry Potter film.
alien carrotPhoto:
Image: dragonflyonthepond

4. These dodgy looking vegetables featured in an advertising campaign for Progress Kids milk, claiming their milk has “a third of your child’s daily nutrition. Because vegetables are scary.” Bet parents had a great time getting their kids to eat their greens after that!
scary broccoliPhoto:
Image: Tommy Morris

scary cucumberPhoto:
Image: Tommy Morris

5. What’s cooler than Alien? Why, veggie Alien, of course. Aren’t these images awesome? OK, while they’re not exactly images of real veggies, they just had to be included for the creep factor. They were created by artist Till Nowak and inspired by the works of HR Giger and Giuseppe Arcimboldo.
alien saladPhoto:
Image: Till Nowak

Veggie alien in detail. We think it could do with some acidic drool to make it more realistic.
alien salad detailPhoto:
Image: Till Nowak

6. Alien offspring of a ravished parsnip.
alien salad offspringPhoto:
photographer unknown

7. The ackee fruit, when ripe and opened, looks a bit too much like giant spider’s eyes for our liking. It’s hard to know whether to eat it or hide from it.
ackee alienPhoto:
Image: No Quarter Given

8. Children of the Corn strikes again.
scary cornPhoto:
Image: Sascha Grant

9. Alien carrot spawn.
carrot babiesPhoto:
Image: Susan David63

10. That’s one alien looking spud.
alien spudPhoto:
Image: Urbanimp

11. If you’re not careful, that little blighter in the middle will bite your nose off if you get too close. It looks as if it’s ready to attack at any moment.
creepy spudsPhoto:
Image: SeeJaneRunning

12. This creepy heart-shaped potato looks as if it’s been possessed by the bark monster.
alien heartPhoto:
Image via: 300 million

Petrified Pumpkins

1. One more click and the pumpkin gets it.
pumpkin eaterPhoto:
Image via: Kaotique

2. OK, OK, don’t explode on us, we’ll do whatever you want!
pumpkin facesPhoto:
Image: Ryan

3. The creepy brood of a half-ton pumpkin.
scary pumpkin broodPhoto:
Image: newsphotog6801

4. Certainly wouldn’t like to meet this pumpkin on the street corner. It looks ready to bite the legs off anyone who’d get close enough.
screaming pumpkinPhoto:
Image: Fabbio

5. Scared enough, yet?
evil pumpkin facePhoto:
Image: G Calisti

6. Inspired by cartoons, pumpkin carver Karen Quinn, comes up with great new designs every year, like this scary one.
eaten alivePhoto:
Image: Annie O’Neill

7. Noel, from Fantasty Pumpkins, has got pumpkin carving down to a fine art. The idea for this pumpkin head was taken from the movie Mars Attack.
alien head lightPhoto:
Image: Noel Dickover, Fanatasy Pumpkins

8. Doing the ‘Haka’.
cheeky pumpkinPhoto:
Image via: Flickr

9. One for all the Star Wars fans.
death star pumpkinPhoto:
Image: Noel Dickover, Fanatasy Pumpkins

10. No one will mess with this veggie.
darth lightPhoto:
Image: Noel, Fanatasy Pumpkins

Raucous Roots

1. Stick ’em up, spuddy.
stick em upPhoto:
Image: Calamityjan

2. The busy-body aubergine. He gets pestered by all the scary veggies.
nosey aubergineImage: Wikimedia Commons

3. We’re not sure whether these carrots look shifty, or rude.
veggie terrorsPhoto:
Image: Cameron Meikle

4. This scorpion carrot was featured as part of a Greenpeace campaign to raise awareness of GM foods. The text, which is missing in this image, says: “The DNA of genetically modified plants may contain the genes of insects, animals or even viruses.” Hence the scorpion, and why it’s as scary as hell!
scorpion carrotPhoto:
Image via: Fubiz

5. The photographer thinks this carrot looks like a bull. We need to get our minds out of the gutter.
busy carrotsPhoto:
Image: dragonflyonthepond

6. Talking about gutters: What happens when you cross a lady yam…
lady yamPhoto:
Image: Sarah

7. … with an excited potato?
excited potatoPhoto:
Image: Rocki’s Rock n Beads

8. You get one strange looking family.
spud familyPhoto:
Image: Dr Slipper’s Uncle