5 Beautiful But Deadly Flowers


Head into any fancy vegan restaurant these days, and it’s likely you’re going to see a posy or two on your plate. Why? Because edible flowers are all the rage. From carnations to dandelions to primroses, greenies are testing their taste buds with the latest in flowerbed cuisine.

But not all flowers are so innocently sweet. You know how you’re supposed to keep your cat away from poinsettias every Christmas? It’s because if they start chewing, they will choke faster than a worm on a Vegas sidewalk. And yep – the same goes for the rest of us. So check out these lovely blossoms, which look innocent enough – until they try to slowly seep the life out of you.

Hemlock is mad poisonous. It’s so bad-boy that it is the name of a heavy metal band and a group that assists suicides. In less scary news, it’s also an herbaceous flowering plant that is native to Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Image: Challiyan

Blood Flower

Scadoxus multiflorus is also known as the Blood Flower, Poison Root, Catherine Wheel, Fireball Lily, Bloedblom and Gifwortel. It is found predominantly in tropical Africa, but is widely distributed, occurring everywhere from lowland to mountain forest, to savannah woodland and open grassland. Bummer for any lions that might happen upon it.

Jimson Weed

Jimson weeds have been used as a medicine and hallucinogenic intoxicant for centuries. But in high doses, your trip will go very, very badly. Right before cardiac arrest, you will experience “incoherent speech, impaired coordination, rapid heartbeat, and dry, flushed or hot skin.” Nothing much recreational about this drug.


Northern Sweet-Vetch

This flower is a member of the pea family, or Fabaceae. It usually exists in clusters – and this gang is as dangerous as anything you’d find in South Central. It likes dry soil, lots of sun, and attracts lots and lots of butterflies. So at least when you’re keeling over, you’ll have something pretty to look at.


Pink Spurges

These pretty pink posies contain a caustic, poisonous milky sap. According to some sources, spurges are among the largest genera in the plant kingdom. One of the largest genera that will kick your backside straight into an early grave!