A quick guide to composting

Around 30% of the household waste currently sent to landfill sites could be composted instead. Composting the right materials can produce fantastic food for your garden as it generates valuable nutrients which can then be placed back into the ground.
What to compost
While there is lots of household waste that can be composted, it’s important to make sure you only put the correct types of things onto your compost heap.

Do compost:

DON’T compost:

Where to compost
To keep your compost in order, it’s best to collect it in a compost bin. If you’re in the Uk, you can choose from a variety of different composting bins in the Big Green Shop.

Many local authorities also sell compost bins nowadays, often at discounted prices, so it’s well worth checking with your council as your first point of call. You can also buy them at most garden centres and DIY stores.

Alternatively, you could build your own compost bin from materials such as waste timber, bricks/rocks, old car tyres or wire meshing.

Whichever method you opt for, be sure to keep the base of your compost container open so moisture and nutrients from the soil below will benefit your compost.

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