Wild Flowers of the Month

Enchanter’s Nightshade


Thrives in moist shady woodland. Its minute white flowers and small round hairy fruits grow along thin, spiky stems. In classical mythology, Circe is said to have used it to turn Odysseus’ men into pigs!

Dog Rose

Dog Rose, Environmental Graffiti.

A wild, scented rose pale pink or white in colour, appears in clusters of one to three in June hedgerows. Its scarlet rosehips, which appear in autumn are edible and rich in vitamin C. These can be very tasty and have been recommended by lots of environmental blogs.

Ivy-Leaved Toadflax

A Trailing plant with ivy-shaped leaves that can grow up to 60cm long, even through walls and pavements. One might say, a symbol of Environmental Graffiti – organic life struggling in an urban jungle. Each tiny lilac flower looks like a snapdragon.

Ivy leaved Toadlax, Environmental Graffiti