WTF? Wednesday: Toilet Trees

Toilet TreeToilet Tree – gives the word toiletries a whole new meaning

Eco Tree Toilet

If you were asked to describe an eco-toilet, a few examples would probably spring to mind – a long-drop à la Survivor style, a portable festival loo or one of those not-so-private street plastic urinals, not the hollowed out heart of tree. Well, it seems that now you can relieve yourself, quite legally, in the middle this ancient arborous, although the distinct lack of door may put some people off. Depends how much you like to be at one with nature.

But does anyone know where is it?
Double kudos for guessing where the top image is from, too.

Tree Eco Toilet

If you come up with the right answer, or at least entertain us with where they could be, we’ll big you up on next week’s WTF? Wednesday posting.

eco toilet in tree

Last Week’s WTF? Image Winner

Varun Gupta gave us the most impressive answer for last week’s image depicting a jet breaking the sound barrier.

Congratulations Varun!