Even the Nazis Are Going Green!

I’ve come across what must either be a practical joke or the weirdest green group in existence: the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party. Yes, that’s right, Green Nazis…

Going Green, the Nazi way?

According to their website, they support tax incentives for environmental initiatives, compulsory recycling, urban renewal and a huge government funded environmental clean-up. They also claim to be pro-gay, and in favour of freedom of speech of the liberalisation of drug laws. They recently announced an initiative called the ‘Jewish Community Brothership’ intended to ‘Communicate the modern interpretations of Nazism and its implications for Jews in today’s multicultural Reich’.

Oh, they do propose the repatriation of all ‘non-Germanic populations’ although, this is, they argue, not ‘discriminatory’. They are also ‘judgement neutral’ on the holocaust.

Their justification for their eco-friendly policies are also somewhat out to the left field. They form part of a wider ideology of ‘lebensraum’ (Hitler’s justification for invading Poland). Because, according to the LNSGP, each race has a right to its ‘own ‘living space’ and own ‘soil’, poisining that ‘soil’ is a grievous wrong.

Serious or not, check out their website. Apparently, the Nazis established a moon base in 1942.