10 Most Incredible Recycled Bags

Written by guest contributor Lauren K

Green is the new black as today’s handbag lovers become more eco-friendly. The luxury labels of Louis Vuitton and Prada will always have a special place in our hearts, but more modern style icons are ditching these designers for more environmentally-friendly accessories.

We’ve all heard of recycling paper, plastic, and glass, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These days handbag designers are turning some unlikely trash into head-turning accessories you’ll treasure. Woven candy wrapper purses started the trend, but now you’ll find bags made from rice sacks, license plates, juice boxes, soft drink pull tabs, and so much more! These clever purses keep the clutter out of landfill and make a real conversation starter.

Rebagz Reuses Rubbish for Purses

Half the Sky Designs have turned the heads of some of Hollywood’s greenest stars including Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie, and Heidi Klum with their Rebagz accessories range. As the name suggests, these innovative handbags are made from all recycled goods including rice sacks and juice boxes.

Neide Ambrosio Makes Beautiful Bags from Pop Tops and Zippers

Neide Ambrosio is one of my favorite eco-friendly fashion designers. This Brazilian handbag goddess creates beautiful purses with soda pop tops, zipper pulls, and other items we’d usually throw away.

Nahui Ollin Uses Ancient Skills to Make Modern Handbags

Another South American accessory house leading the way is Nahui Ollin. The company’s chief designer Olga Abadi learned the ancient Mayan skill of binding candy wrappers and old magazines from cultural festivals near her home. Today she’s taking the technique to the world!

GG2G Makes Fashion Eco-Friendly

GG2G stands for Green Goods 2 Give & Get, an innovative accessories company which takes their environmentally-friendly stance seriously. Founders Alison Grieveson and Dayan Moore use old vinyl billboards, bicycle tires, and vintage fabrics to create their vibrant purses.

Littlearth Creates Colorful License Plate Purses

License plates are given a new lease on life thanks to Littlearth handbags. This clever company creates adorable purses by wrapping used license plates around hubcaps. But the recycling doesn’t stop there. The handles are made from durable recycled rubber, and the clasps are old bottle tops! The cute purses are decorated with lively designs so they look a world away from the junk they were made from!

10 Green Bags We Love

With so many fun environmentally-friendly accessories on the market, it’s easy for even the most fashion conscious folks to go green!