Glass Made From Human Waste

Stained glass window from Kitengela Glass, NairobiPhoto:
Images: Kitengela Glass

Inspiration knows no boundaries. And Kitengela Glass, an art collective near Nairobi National Park, have been particularly enterprising with their inspiration. They make glass and beautiful glass art like that shown above with the help of human and animal faeces. That is, they use methane gas to create energy for their ovens and kilns – not for the glass itself, as we first thought.

Kitengela use only recycled materials like glass and metal for their stained glass and other items, as well as for packaging for goods. They employ and train local artisans, and invest some of their proceeds back into the community by improving roads, supporting local orphanages and schools, and planting trees. Especially original are their artsy-fartsy outhouses (pun intended; see one below), which invite users to linger – while Kitengela collect raw materials right on the premises!

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