‘Pay As You Throw’ Plan Tossed

The UK government has backed off on a controversial tax that would have charged householders who do not recycle.

Trash pile

Ministers were supposed to announce the new charges today, but the plan has been shelved indefinitely. The information comes from a BBC story, which also suggests that Gordon Brown was responsible for getting the tax canned.

Brown was allegedly worried about the financial impacts on families that produce a lot of garbage. The environmental department (Defra) had been in favor of the tax as a method of increasing domestic recycling. Britain lags behind much of Europe in household recycling rates.

Conservatives attacked the Labour government, accusing it of caving in. Conservative local secretary Eric Pickles said “The fact that Gordon Brown appears to have caved in is a vindication of the campaign by Conservatives against Labour’s plans for this hated tax on families.”

Gordon Brown’s administration is beginning to show a troubling record in regards to environmental issues. A simple tax for not recycling is not an attack on families but a way to combat the laziness about recycling and environmental issues so common in British society. First he abandoned plans to meet renewable energy costs, and now has flip-flopped after a moderate amount of public pressure on a simple recycling bill. Will Gordon Brown’s term in office be the dirtiest in British history?

Source: Guardian

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