10 Amazing Images of Splashes of Water

A habanero pepper making a splash in a glass. That will be one hot glass of water!

SplashPhoto: R’eyes

Lemon is a great garnish to a drink, adding flavor and color, but is there room for the alcohol in here?

You could imagine that this snail was just taken from its watery habitat. It is the sort you can hear the ocean in.

SplashPhoto: R’eyes

Gravity seems to be moving backwards here. A fabulous shot of cold water splashing into a dish.

SplashPhoto: R’eyes

Strawberries and cream, the quintessential dessert, looks scrumptious.

SplashPhoto: gagstreet

Ink drops splashing in water are beautiful, but can you imagine the clean-up?

SplashPhoto: andi.vs.zf

One of the few things most can’t get enough of – more strawberries and cream.

Tenderly held in hands with clean water splashing, it is somehow mystical. The apple is a thing of beauty.

SplashPhoto: R’eyes

Cold plain milk. Never expected it to look so good.

SplashPhoto: Kyle May

Hot peppers, just what is needed to spice up a salad. Even those who normally don’t like them will be tempted when they look this good.