20 Kick-Ass Facts About Buffy The Vampire Slayer That Only True Fans Will Know

Image: Online USA/Getty Images

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it’s fair to say, changed the TV world forever. After all, not only did it achieve almost universal critical acclaim and create an army of dedicated fans, but it continued to inspire the writing and direction of other TV shows long after its 2003 demise. Yet, for such an iconic series, there’s surprisingly little detail from behind the scenes.

Perhaps that’s partly down to the fact that Buffy first aired before social media arrived, so no one was around to tweet backstage pics or gossip about co-stars. However, over the years more and more fun pieces of Buffy trivia have emerged. And unless you’re an absolute diehard fan, you may have missed them. Here are 20 of our favorite factoids…

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20. Sarah Michelle Gellar didn’t always enjoy working on Buffy


Sarah Michelle Gellar famously played Buffy Summers, the title character of the show and a role model to millions of girls. Unfortunately, the workload was tough, and by season six the head execs even had to talk her “off a ledge” to get her to stay. Gellar’s husband Freddie Prinze Jr., meanwhile, also slammed Buffy’s makers for not appreciating its leading lady enough and added that the show’s “nonsense” forced her to quit.