20 Minecraft Tips For Beginners That’ll Help You Survive Another Day

20 Helpful Minecraft Survival Tips - For Dummies
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The world of Minecraft is a wide and wonderful place, though to a beginner it can be a daunting experience – especially when darkness falls and you find yourself cowering in a hole you’ve dug with your bare hands, surrounded by sinister hisses and moans.

Take heart, though, Minecrafter in the belief that knowledge is the best weapon, so give yourself the best chance of survival and arm yourself with these hints and tips to help you live the night and beyond.

20. Find Shelter

When night falls, you need shelter. Anything will do in a pinch, including holes excavated into the scenery – just seal the entrance behind you with blocks to avoid unwanted guests.

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19. Craft Armor

Use animal leather to create basic armor to protect against mobs. As you find harder materials and ores, though, upgrade your protection level for the best odds of survival.


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18. Make a Friend

You don’t have to be lonely or without any allies on your travels – give a wolf a bone and it becomes tame, following you and fighting with you. You can even dye its collar a different color!

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17. Be Prepared

While exploring, make sure you carry the essentials: weapons, food, a torch and basic tools to dig your way in and out of trouble should all be present and correct in your inventory. Don’t forget the pickaxe while you’re at it, either.

16. The Only Way is Up

When lost in a cave, build a column of blocks under you and dig your way up to the surface. Just be careful not to drown if you breach water.


15. Craft More Efficiently

Use shortcuts to up your crafting game: right-click to slice a stack of materials in two, shift-click to put them back into your inventory and stack items to craft a few at once if need be.

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14. Improve Your Tool Range

If you want to make anything beyond basic tools, you need both a crafting table and a furnace. These allow you to refine materials and build better, more useful objects.


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13. Gain Experience

To gain experience points, mine precious ore, breed animals and defeat enemy mobs. This will put you on your path to enchanting objects later on in the game.

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12. Light Your Way

Fashion together coal and a stick, then light to make a torch. They’re useful for lighting your path while you explore underground caves, with the added bonus of keeping monsters away from your property at night.


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11. Know Your Enemy

Adjust your fighting strategies to tackle different enemies most effectively. Dangerous environmental hazards can be used to your advantage as well – that is, if you can avoid falling into them yourself…

10. Build a Chest

Chests are invaluable for the adventurer’s home; after all, they’re a handy way of keeping all the crafting items and materials you collect together in one easily accessible place. They can even be merged together for increased storage capacity if needed.


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9. Conserve Energy

Running, jumping and taking damage makes you hungry, so be sure to pack a good deal of lunch. To avoid always being peckish, though, conserve energy over long distances by making use of roads, stairs and minecarts.

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8. Craft More Types of Weapon

Swords may be good for battling it out at close distances; bows, though, are much better for long-range and strategic combat against dangerous enemies like creepers.


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7. Mine Smarter

Further underground, you’re more likely to find rarer ores to create better items but also, unfortunately, a lot of lava into the bargain. Avoid a hot mess on the whole by staying 11 blocks or so on top of the bedrock level.

6. Make a Bed

This crucial piece of furniture not only allows you to neatly sleep through the night but also acts as a respawn point if you lose all your health. If you travel far, then, bring a bed.


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5. Cook with Care

When cooking food in bulk, be cautious of the raw materials being used so that you don’t make more than you need. It can be all too easy to waste precious resources during this process.

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4. Create Obsidian Portals

Obsidian blocks can be used to create portals to the Nether; utilize cobblestone to form lava molds and cool these off with buckets of water in order to turn the fiery material into obsidian.


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3. Don’t Dig Down

Try not to dig straight down or upwards, as you’re more likely to fall to your death or be covered in lava. It’s best to dig at an angle instead to avoid such, well, unpleasant surprises.

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2. Make Tools More Durable

As you find harder ores, upgrade your tools to make them more robust. This is especially true of pickaxes, which can need bolstering before they can mine more precious ores.


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1. Don’t Hug the Creeper

Creepers may hiss for your attention and appear to be running towards you for a hug, but don’t be fooled. These nasty monsters are full of explosive gunpowder, which will take out both you and the nearby environment before you even have time to blink.