SimCity Adds A Global Warming Threat

SimCity Societies – the newest instalment in The Sims franchise – has added a climate change variable to their new game. Due to be released in the UK on 16th November 2007, the game includes options to run a greener, more sustainable society. Although the gamer is not forced to use these methods, the consequences of using a cheaper, carbon dioxide emitting source of energy mirrors itself to reality, causing a rise in natural disasters, such as floods and heat waves.


EA teamed up with BP to add this element to the game, BP being the first energy company to acknowledge the need to reduce carbon emissions. In the game, by using alternative energy sources such as wind power and solar power, the society will be saved from dramatic weather conditions.

With computer games such as The Sims influencing all levels of society, this method of educating the wider public is to be applauded, and very much repeated. This comes in light of a recent World Opinion survey which showed that still 17% of Britons and 24% of Americans don’t think that human activity has caused a significant change to the climate. Let’s hope the success of SimCity Societies will help us all get on to the same page.

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