20 Moronic Teens Who Think They’re Awesome But Are Actually Failing So Hard It Hurts

Teenagers are inexperienced in the ways of the world: full of bravado but often with very little to back it up. And in the age of the internet, that makes for great entertainment for the rest of us. Here are 20 teens who have failed – and failed hard.

20. Drum Banger

“First I bang the drum, then I bang your mom,” crows this young McLovin-wannabe on his Facebook account. How could any woman resist? Actually, don’t answer that.

Image: via Barnorama

19. Cell Phone Smoothie

Credit where credit’s due. Not many teenagers would have acted so quickly in getting this mishap straight onto social media. Dropping your phone in a smoothie is a nightmare, but it would be so much worse if the world didn’t know about it.

Image: via Bored Bug

18. Crying Selfie 1

It’s hard to feel a person’s pain is genuine when they’ve taken the time to bang out a couple of selfies documenting their distress. “Right now :,( when I was Cryingg <<3” garnered this young girl a healthy 11 likes and 5 comments. Totally worth the pain.

17. Fountain Twerk

Some of those teenagers just can’t catch a break. What’s the problem with twerking like Miley Cyrus in a centuries-old Italian fountain? These two girls clearly don’t think there is one. Thankfully, there’s not a wrecking ball in sight.


16. Squirrel Issues

There’s so much confusion in this post that it’s hard to know where to start. This girl doesn’t “like dolphins anymore!!!” because squirrels are cuter. Okay… More confusing, however, is her belief that squirrels are reptiles. At least we know squirrels will like her back, because they love nuts.


15. Stab Selfie

Teenagers have it tough these days. In the old days, if you were “#stabbed,” you simply rolled around in agony, bleeding, and were taken to hospital. Today’s teens have to multi-task – grabbing a couple of stabby-selfies, getting the hashtags right and uploading to social media, all while bleeding out.


14. Auschwitz Ignorance

There’s stupid. There’s crass. And then there’s this. At least – having made light of the Holocaust with this Auschwitz gas chamber selfie and subsequently receiving abuse from around the world – this guy did one thing right. He deleted his account.

Image: via Funscrape

13. Map Muddles


Despite having the collected wisdom of mankind and Google Maps at their fingertips, some youngsters, it seems, will forever be lost. Google didn’t invent everything, you know.

Image: via Global Grind

12. Crying Selfie 2

Sometimes, just saying you are upset isn’t enough. That’s when a sobbing selfie is required – because a picture paints a thousand words. And in this case, every single one of those words is “why?”


11. Golden Condom

Teenagers are strange beasts, halfway between adults and children. And that golden era is perfectly captured by this young man’s selfie, which features him holding his two most treasured items – his golden-wrapped condom and his cute penguin phone case.


10. Bidet Blunder

This looks like something Joey from Friends might do. Did she not wonder why “the drinking fountains” are at the same level as the toilet? This kind of ignorance about European culture certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth.


9. Insta-Dumped

There are no words to describe this break-up other than “harsh.” It’s bad enough that the girl – and the rest of the internet, for that matter – had to find out via Instagram. But the guy’s use of “#TransformationTuesday” is just plain brutal.


8. Photoshopped Swag

Even if it were true that “all a girl needs” is this guy’s “swag,” it seems unlikely that he can provide it. It’s not so much the Superman vest as the giant hat that’s clearly been Photoshopped on. Again: why?


7. Tom Daley Superfan

Here stands a very tanned British Olympic diver Tom Daley, and leaning awkwardly into him is a comparatively pale girl. What’s more, she’s not only got one hand around him but another plastered on her stomach. She should really consider diving into some Photoshop classes.


6. Faux Pout

This teenager has the confidence of Conor McGregor before a fight, but he doesn’t quite pull off the delivery. It’s hard to tell if it’s the giant faux diamond ear studs, the giant faux fur coat or the giant faux pout… but somehow, it just doesn’t work.


5. Deadly Weapons

You wouldn’t want to bump into any of these guys in a dark alley. Or anywhere, for that matter. And that’s nothing to do with the weapons they’re brandishing.


4. Wing Mirror Wonder

It’s pretty clear that this guy is best viewed in the wing mirror of a car. Just put your foot on the gas and don’t look back.


3. Crying Selfie 3

When they’re heartbroken, some people write poetry. Some write songs. Others create beautiful paintings. This guy, though, takes selfie-suffering to new levels.


2. Wine Opener

“The one night [they] didn’t have a wine opener” and they decided to use a knife to open the bottle. That fancy corkscrewy thing on the side of the knife must just be for decoration.

Image: via YouTube/Mark Fay

1. Backflip Grad


It’s supposed to be the proudest day of your life, second only to the birth of your first child. But for this wannabe acrobat, graduation day involved a giant belly flop right on stage. That’s a fail.