5 Creative Ways to Beat Office Boredom

Office MonkeyPhoto: shaz wildcat
Do you know how to make your coworkers laugh?

If you work in a cube farm or even in an open floor plan office, it is likely that you get very bored. That means that you need ways to combat your ennui. Here are five seriously awesome ways to do so.

1. Take a banana to lunch. If you are or if a coworker is a fairly good artist, draw on the banana. Make sure to take a picture of the banana. It will be a source of amusement for the whole office and others after you post the picture on the Internet.

Monkeys on BananaPhoto: furryscaly

2. Recruit other coworkers. Then dress up like the Village People or pose like gangsters around the office and take pictures.

Village PersonPhoto: danoxster

3. Create a paper town from paper in the printer or copiers. Feel free to use plants, toys and trash around the office to enhance the city.

4. Create a small gas station with office supplies.

Office Supplies Gas StationPhoto: Meggrs

5.Use sticky notes of any size and leave messages one word at a time on desks or on walls.

Stickies NotePhoto: danoxster

If you aren’t laughing by now, you must not have a sense of humor.