The 20 Most Hysterical Fishing Moments Ever Captured On Camera

Image: Instagram/littlemisslit

Fishing isn’t traditionally known for being a hilarious endeavor – after all, whether it’s as a sport, a hobby or a career, most who practice it take it seriously. But there are still plenty of hysterical moments that occur, and luckily, some of them have been captured on camera: from kids’ first fishing trips to people going truly above and beyond for a catch.

Image: via Greeningz

20. Pothole fishing

If there’s one way to make authorities pay attention to the size of the potholes in your local roads, it’s to go fishing in them. Sure, we can’t imagine this guy will actually be catching much, but that’s not the point. He’s clearly making a grand political statement. At least, we hope he is…

Image: 6thPOC

19. Floating giraffe

Sure, you could hire a boat or even wade in to the water yourself. But those options are expensive, cold and, obviously, wet. And really, neither of them measures up to this sight. After all, we’re pretty confident that, given the chance, anyone would be happy to go fishing in an inflatable giraffe.

Image: via theoceanvoyager

18. Catfishing

No, not that kind of catfishing. This is a far more literal use of the term, as these moggies queue up to, ahem, “inspect” the daily catches by the local fishermen. Clearly, this is a regular occurrence – how else would they know to head down to the bay just when the boat comes in?

Image: YouTube/Tinny Bashing

17. Backwards fishing


You have to wonder who taught this guy to fish. After all, you’re supposed to retrieve the fish from the water, not get in there with them. Unless, of course, he’s just been surprised by a particularly strong fish on the end of his line. It’s not the first time it’s happened, as we’ll soon find out…

Image: Facebook/Black Forest Fishing Squad

16. Human rod holder

If you want to increase your chances of catching, then multiple rods is usually a good way to go about it. However, to do so, you generally need a decent set of rod holders. Unless you’re this guy, that is, who appears to have turned himself into a human fishing rod holder. You’ve got to admire his dedication.

Image: Facebook/Basscasters

15. No fishing


Okay, some fishing. All right, all the fishing. Either these guys are just being deliberately obtuse, or that sign is totally ironic – but it’s prominent enough that they really can’t have missed it. Maybe they just refuse to let a sign tell them what to do?

Image: David Zalaznik via Prairie State Outdoors

14. Serious fishing

Look, nobody’s saying that fishing shouldn’t be taken seriously as a hobby, sport or career. But what exactly are you trying to catch that requires such a level of protective headgear? Whatever it is, it can’t be that big – just look at the size of the net attached to the helmet.

Image: via Greeningz

13. Supreme dedication


No fishing rod? No problem. At least, not if you’re these guys, one of whom is apparently way more dedicated than the other. After all, he’s the one with his head in the water, seemingly trying to grab a fish with his bare hands. Yes, we doubt he’s just doing it just for the halibut.

Image: Malinka05

12. A fine catch

One of these things is not like the other. Yes, we’re having a hard time believing this guy caught himself a girlfriend while fishing. But if he did, he’d better tell us where this magical body of water is. For research purposes, obviously.

Image: via AzBilliards

11. Tug of war


This is it: the ultimate, epic showdown between man and beast. Or at least, between man and a very strong fish. And it looks like the aquatic animal is winning at the moment. Indeed, this guy is going to end up going for an impromptu swim if he’s not careful.

Image: YouTube/BadTomy Channel

10. Roadside fishing

Never let it be said that fishermen aren’t committed to their craft. Just take this guy, for instance, who’s clearly happy to seize any opportunity to break out the rod. We’re not entirely sure he’s going to find much to catch in the middle of the street but props to him for giving it a go.

Image: Joe_momma2002

9. Home fishing


We’re not saying this is the laziest pair of fishermen we’ve ever seen, but we’re struggling to think of any other contenders for the title. Then again, considering the amount of alcohol they’re downing, this is probably the safest way to go about it. Nobody wants to end up face first in a lake after all.

Image: skwormin

8. Slippery shock

There’s no getting away from it: fish are slippery. If you’re going to try to pick one up then, you’d best have a good grip on it. Otherwise, you could end up like this guy. We’re just glad someone was ready with a camera, for what must be one of the most perfectly timed pictures ever taken.

Image: via imgur

7. Cherry picker fishing


Clearly, these guys take their ocean fishing super seriously. Indeed, why else would they go to all the trouble of using a cherry picker just to get a few extra feet away from the shore? Just don’t think about what would happen if a strong fish took the bait – that’s quite the drop, after all.

Image: blaise21

6. Exasperated fish

This fish is so done with hobby fishermen. Yep, this adorable ocean-dweller has clearly been caught one too many times, to the point that it’s now more just a hassle than anything. And that hilarious expression on its face tells a thousand stories.

Image: Buck_j

5. Her first fish


Clearly, kids don’t think too much about the consequences of their actions. Indeed, what did this little girl think would happen when she actually caught a fish? That she wouldn’t have to look at it? Well, the adults obviously had other ideas, insisting on a photo with her catch – which she wasn’t too happy about.

Image: ctmitch16

4. Fishy revenge

If someone tricked you into being yanked from your home, and the source of your breathing mechanism – say, into a large body of water – we’re sure you wouldn’t be too happy about it. In fact, you might look to seek revenge upon those responsible. Like this fish, which decided to relieve itself all over its captor.

Image: Nick Kelly via National Geographic

3. Fish head


No, this isn’t some kind of horrible, reverse mermaid, or a hilarious cartoon villain. In fact, it’s just a perfectly timed photograph – although with that many fish swimming around, we suppose this was bound to happen at some point. We’re just glad someone was armed with an underwater camera to capture it.

Image: bisketty

2. Perspective shot

Want to know how to totally invalidate every single prize catch picture ever? Perspective photography. After all, if you can alter the fish’s size simply by moving it closer to the camera, how will we ever know what’s real anymore? Well, as long as the fish is still in focus, that is – this guy’s fooling nobody…

Image: SirBottomtooth

1. First fishing trip


This is the sort of thing that can trigger a lifelong phobia. Yes, we’re pretty confident this kid will never have been able to look at a fish again after this. We’re not saying all kids are equally susceptible to being traumatized, but just look at the fear in his eyes…