20 Incredibly Unlikely Events That It’s Hard To Believe Actually Happened

Image: mh00259 / tomboski

Some people would have you believe that there’s no such thing as coincidence. But how else do you explain some of the incredibly unlikely events that happen every day, all around the world? Indeed, coincidence is basically the only way we can make sense of these bizarre goings-on, from the guy who found his own wallet two decades on, to some weirdly appropriate license plates.

Image: via imgur

20. This matching butterfly

Is this butterfly actually super intelligent, or is it just a coincidence that it’s happened to land on a picture of itself? We’ll never know for sure, but it’s nice to think that it was just trying to help out this nature lover by pointing itself out on the chart.

Image: mortoson

19. This debit card

This guy probably thought he was living in some kind of temporal loop after finding half of a debit card while on vacation in Greece. After all, the bank, first six numbers and “valid from” date are all identical to his own, and even the name is almost exactly the same.

Image: Sneaky-Goat

18. This guy’s number

If we were this guy, we’d probably be thinking about using these numbers to play the lottery – or some variation of them, anyway. That’s because the number on his shirt, 33607, also happens to be his hometown zip code, his race number and even his finishing time. You couldn’t make it up.

Image: OilersFansDontMatter

17. These coincidental newspapers


Should we assume, then, that the copy editor deliberately made sure that this line was just above the fold? Or is it actually a coincidence that these “not a coincidence” lines are all peeking out in this stack of newspapers? That might just be one too many levels of coincidence for us to comprehend.

Image: Aeogor

16. This blocking bird

Sometimes, Mother Nature intervenes in curious ways. Take this bird, for instance, which swooped down at precisely the right moment to block this guy’s license plate from the view of a speed camera. Somehow, we doubt he’ll get that lucky ever again, so he’ll probably want to just drive slower in future.

Image: iamyourlordandsaviour

15. This fallen tree


To think, this car was mere millimeters away from being utterly destroyed by this falling tree. Yeah, we have a feeling its owner won’t be taking any chances in future – which is to say, parking near any trees. After all, what are the odds that they would get so lucky twice?

Image: Vio0204

14. This fast-food bus

Sure, the advert may be for McDonald’s, but the license plate on this bus tells us that its heart really lies with KFC. Yes, no matter what fast-food chain pays for the ad space here, Colonel Sanders is always going to pop up in people’s minds when they see it.

Image: Bierrr

13. This car’s license plate


As license plates go, this one was pretty prophetic. After all, that would probably be our initial reaction too – “whoops.” At least, it would be until the realization struck that this was going to mean a lot of expensive repairs. But hey, at least we had a good laugh at the unlikely coincidence of the plate. Right?

Image: District9HasFoundTheMechsuit

12. These yearbook quotes

Somehow, we doubt Noah is ever going to live this one down. Indeed, we think he may have just earned himself a new nickname. You do have to wonder whether Mason planned it deliberately, of course, but it’s far funnier to assume that this was just a massive coincidence.

Image: pincheloca

11. This other fallen tree


Somewhere out there, there must be a picture of a tree that’s actually managed to fall on a car. But it’s even more surprising how many have missed them. Indeed, it almost looks like this tree was built to curve around this car specifically. All we know is, we’re never parking on the street again.

Image: via chaos_ej

10. These spotty puppies

Believe it or not, these pups were all born at the same time. Alas, the owner didn’t see their mother actually give birth, so we’ll never know whether they were actually born in order of their spots. But either way, it’s still remarkable that they run in sequence like this. At least they’ll be easy to identify.

Image: tomboski

9. This truck and mountains


It may sound crazy, but this isn’t actually Photoshopped. Indeed, it really actually happened – it just took the photographer a few tries to get it lined up perfectly. In fact, it probably couldn’t have turned out any better if they’d planned it. And it’s those kinds of unlikely events that are the hardest to believe.

Image: mh00259

8. This popping balloon

You could sort of understand this shot if it had been taken by a professional photographer, probably using burst mode and a superfast shutter speed – but it was actually just captured on a smartphone. Indeed, this is a perfect example of “right place, right time.”

Image: PlzBeMyFriendNow

7. This retrieved wallet


Fishing a wallet out of a lake isn’t all that unlikely on its own. What is incredibly unlikely, however, is pulling out the very same wallet that you yourself lost in that lake 20 years ago. We bet he’s glad he continued fishing the same lake all those years.

Image: paradockz

6. This exploded Pepsi can

If you’ve ever left a can of soda in the freezer long enough for it to explode, you’ll know that things can get messy. Unless this happens, that is – but what are the odds that the Pepsi would spiral out and freeze so perfectly? Well, it’s apparently not impossible, if this picture is anything to go by.

Image: RockYourOwnium

5. This helicopter pilot


As a kid, this pilot’s ambitions were sealed the day he sat in this OH58 Kiowa copter. Then, 20 years later, he realized he’d been flying that specific helicopter as a trained pilot, after finding the photo and comparing the tail number with the Kiowa at his base.

Image: Debbie Speranza via Facebook/Forever New

4. These wedding guests

No, these aren’t bridesmaids – they just happened to all show up to a wedding wearing the same dress. Somehow, we suspect this dress may have been on clearance at a local mall not long before this picture was taken. Either way, we reckon these women will be making sure to coordinate their wardrobe choices in future.

Image: ParadiseSquared

3. These descriptive doors


Looking for an explanation of what happened to the door on the right? Just ask the door on the left, which will inform you succinctly that it was “rekt.” Yes, it’s almost as if it was meant to be. We’re not sure whoever’s responsible for cleaning up the mess would agree, but it’s hilarious nonetheless.

Image: LivelyOsprey06

2. These perfectly positioned faces

Usually, these abnormalities can be attributed to a dodgy panorama picture or a bad Photoshop job. But there’s been no image manipulation at all here. In fact, the two faces are simple perfectly positioned to mess with our minds. Indeed, it may take you a little while to figure it out.

Image: gatting1889

1. This clipped kid


Remember in Revenge of the Sith when Anakin Skywalker’s legs were chopped off just before he donned the iconic Darth Vader suit? Well, take a look at this kid’s T-shirt, and what the Google Maps camera did to him. They say reality is stranger than fiction.