20 Life Problems You’ll Only Get If You’re Naturally Loud

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In this world, some people are just naturally loud. Some of them know about it and some of them don’t. Some have been born with a large larynx and vocal cords while some are simply a little bit deaf. Some have been brought up in a large, noisy family where they’ve had to shout to be heard, while others are just loud and proud. Whatever the reason, they may often struggle to deal with other’s perceptions of them, which are not always particularly positive… So, with that in mind, here are 20 problems that loud people have to deal with.

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20. We’re always being told to be quiet

“Ssshhhhh! Keep it down!” Don’t you just love it when someone tells you you’re too loud? No, didn’t think so. It’s not our fault that we have a big, bold personality and we like to be heard. But it can be quite offensive when other people insinuate that we’re in the wrong and that we’re disturbing others. Yes, we know we’re loud. Deal with it.

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19. Quiet people are scared of us

Having someone being a bit shouty in your face can be a little uncomfortable. Indeed, the noise and the sheer hugeness of our personality often overwhelms quiet, shy types. This can make them feel unable to engage in conversation with us for fear of not being heard.

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18. Use your inside voice!

Okay, so it’s all right to tell children to use their “inside voice.” But to use this line on an adult? It’s just ever so slightly patronizing. Come to think of it, it’s completely offensive! This is most definitely not the way to ask an adult to lower their voice. If you can ask politely and give a reason, you’ll definitely get a better result – or our good intentions if nothing else.

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17. We laugh loudly too


Yes, our talking voice is loud, but it’s nothing compared with our laughter. We love to laugh and we laugh loud – so what if it can be heard in Peru? Laughter can be contagious, which can’t be a bad thing (as long as it’s not maniacal). Laughter is the sound of happiness and should be embraced by all. Although in Japanese culture, it’s polite to cover your mouth while doing so if you’re a woman.

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16. People often think we’re angry

We’re not mad at you, okay? We know shouting is often associated with anger and negativity, but our shouting is basically just the way we communicate. We can’t help it – it’s normal to us. Just take a minute to listen to what we’re actually saying rather than focusing on the volume. Then you’ll know that we’re not completely mad at you, we’re just having a friendly chat.

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15. Don’t judge us – we’re not bad people


Quieter people can sometimes – quite wrongly – assume that because we’re loud, we’re also self-important and not interested in what anyone else has to say. However, don’t judge us just because we speak loudly: it doesn’t mean that we’re not interested in your opinion or that we’re bad people. We’re just louder than you. Period.

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14. We’re embarrassing in public places

Yes, we’re loud when we talk outside too, but it can make us feel bad when our friends pretend they’re not with us. “Most of the time, people aren’t aware they’re doing it,” Dr. Amee Shah, director of the speech acoustics and perception laboratory at Cleveland State University, told N.B.C. News in a 2012 interview. “They may not think they’re loud unless somebody tells them. A lot of the time, people focus on content and don’t think about delivery.”

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13. We’re loud when we’re excited


Well, this is kind of normal, even for people who don’t normally have loud voices. Most people’s voices change when they’re excited or emotional. A lot of people speak faster, the tone of their voice changes or they gesticulate more than usual. And us loud people? Well, we just get even louder.


12. Our voices can silence a room

Self-confessed loud person Emma Lord, writer for Bustle.com, knows how it feels when this happens. In 2015, she wrote, “You know when someone says something really awkwardly and loudly and shuts down a whole room in less than a second? Yeah, that’s me. It would be great if I could be either awkward OR loud, but that’s not how life works. For the most part, you end up being both if you’re either.”

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11. We feel a need to fill the silence


You know those awkward silences that happen sometimes with people you’re not really close to? We don’t. We simply don’t do awkward silences. Instead, we keep on talking about anything we can think of, very loudly to ensure that there’s never a weird quiet bit where no-one knows what to say.

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10. We can’t whisper!

Don’t tell us anything really private in public – unless you want everyone around us to hear about it. Our whisper is not the same as yours. It’s more akin to a “normal” voice volume and even then we can’t maintain it, so don’t expect us to and then get all cranky when we blurt out all your gossip for everyone to hear.

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9. We shout over the phone too


You know that person who’s shouting into their phone? Yep, that’s us. It doesn’t really matter where we are or what we’re doing – if we’re speaking, we’re going to be doing it at a high volume. But it’s okay, we can see your dirty looks and we know we’re annoying the hell out of you, so we’ll try to lower the volume. (Who are we kidding?)

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8. I know I need to be quiet but I can’t!

This is hardest at the movies or at a show. We know we’re supposed to whisper or preferably not speak at all, but that’s easier said than done. Then we get those self-righteous types who feel like it’s their duty to everyone else in the theater to shout at us to keep it down, thus making us feel totally uncomfortable and hated by everyone for the rest of the show.

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7. We were loud at school too


Talking loud is not something that happened to us when we grew up. We did it all the way through school and we were almost always the ones getting caught for talking in class. Even getting older and wiser didn’t help – we got busted all the way through college too. Getting scolded by people is nothing new to us – so don’t be offended if we totally ignore you.

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6. Losing our voice is like the end of the world

For people who like to talk and like to talk loud, losing our voice is the worst possible thing that can happen to us. Not only do we feel almost completely cut off from the world (y’know, like when you leave your phone at home) but our voice sounds more like a bark or a squeak than our usual lovely, booming one. And as for resting it so it recovers quickly? Not humanly possible.

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5. Sometimes we can hear ourselves, but we still can’t stop


Ignorance can be bliss when you have a so-called anti-social habit. Most of us would rather not know if we’re subconsciously doing something other people can’t stand. Our terrible loudness can often be more conspicuous when we’re trying hard to speak “normally” too. Commenting on The Earth Child website in 2016, Elissa Weymouth, a self-confessed loud person, summed it up nicely. “I can’t help it. I am who I am,” she wrote. “Plus, being Irish and Italian, I come from a huge family where if you aren’t loud, well, you aren’t being heard.”

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4. People often think there’s an emergency

Yes, we’re loud, but don’t panic! There’s no fire! And don’t tell us to “take a chill pill.” There’s nothing to see here. Apart from a very loud person talking excitedly and waving their arms about because they saw the CUTEST puppy on the way to work. Don’t worry, if there’s a real emergency, you’ll certainly know about it. We have a voice like a fire alarm.

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3. We’re easy-to-spot tourists


No, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had an eye-roll from some snooty European while we’ve been on vacation. We’re typically loud Americans and there’s not much we can do about it. Unfortunately, if there’s a need to be a bit inconspicuous, you can’t rely on us.

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2. We’re just as loud in the bedroom

And don’t think if you get us under the sheets we’re going to magically quieten down. No siree – we like to make as much noise in there as we do out here, so don’t expect to slip away for a quickie when the family comes over. Things can get, er, noisy when we’re having fun.

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1. We love CAPS LOCK!


Yep, we type the way we speak, in big capital letters so it looks loud and doesn’t get ignored. DO YOU HEAR ME? THAT’S BETTER. I KNOW YOU CAN DEFINITELY HEAR ME NOW. I HAVE SOME REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS TO SAY. LISTEN UP!