19 Times People Got Hilariously Creative Revenge on Their Exes

Image: My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when an ex has done you wrong. But while hell has no fury like a lover scorned, these 19 individuals haven’t just got mad, they’ve got even – in the most hilariously creative ways possible.

Image: via Reddit/internetinventor

19. A Neighborly Gesture

Things were bound to get messy when Alan Markovitz bought the house next door to his ex-wife and her new lover. And indeed, the Michigan resident found a particularly artistic way of saying hello to his new neighbors – by erecting this giant one-finger salute in his backyard.

Image: via 99volo

18. A Rocky Relationship

Quebec, Canada resident Isabelle Prevost awoke to a very unwelcome gift on her birthday in 2011. Her ex-husband – quarry owner and mayor of St-Theodore-d’Acton, Dany Lariviere – left a 20-ton boulder on her front lawn inscribed with the words “happy birthday Isa.” She’d apparently always wanted a big rock from him, although perhaps not like this…

Image: My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

17. Redress the Situation

When Kevin Cotter’s ex-wife told him to do whatever he wanted with her wedding dress, he took that statement hilariously literally. Since 2009 the Tucson native has used the dress in over 100 different ways – most notably as an art canvas.

Image: via Bossip

16. An Even Split


They say a compromise happens when no party is happy, but we’re sure this petty German divorcee must have been smiling after this stunt. He took a saw to his possessions, making sure his ex-wife literally had an even share of everything.

Image: via Brain Jet

15. Post-It Perfection

Proving that Post-it notes can be utilized in the most creative ways, this spurned lover used the sticky sheets to leave a devastating message on an ex’s car. It’s certainly effective – if not just a little bit crude.

Image: via Reddit/mestisnewfound

14. The Penny Drops


During a divorce, it’s best to let some things go. Like money, for example. The former wife of Reddit user mestisnewfound obliged his request to return $50 in an extremely unhelpful way: she delivered it in old pennies.

Image: Amazon

13. The Tell-all Book

R Owens’ bluntly-titled memoir Surviving the Bulls**t shows just how nasty divorce can get. Composed entirely of emails between the author and her ex-husband, the book undoubtedly makes a great bathroom read.

Image: via Reddit/TrueEnt

12. There Goes the Neighborhood


After losing his house in a divorce, one bitter ex-husband found an ingenious way of ruining his ex-wife’s home. The man, who still owned the surrounding land, sold off all the nearby trees and topsoil – turning the area into a desolate wasteland in the process.

11. That’s A Wrap

Few have experienced an ex-girlfriend as clingy as that of Twitter user Dawood. The Texan’s former flame left him in a very sticky situation in April 2016 when she coated his car in layers upon layers of plastic wrap.

Image: via Scoopify

10. Nightmare Before Christmas


Twitter user Cassy handcrafted a unique Christmas present for her boyfriend after catching him cheating online. The wronged woman printed out screen shoots of his illicit conversations, carefully wrapped up the evidence and presented it to him on Christmas morning.

Image: Sex + Ice Cream

9. Designer Dumping

Break-ups can be a great source of inspiration, as fashion designer Nicole Leth learned when her first serious boyfriend abruptly disappeared. The student launched girl-power clothing line Sex + Ice Cream this year, in memory of the man who went AWOL.

Image: via Adweek

8. Billboard Break-up


In 2015 one love rat may have got quite the shock during his commute when discovering that his wife had advertised his infidelities on this huge billboard. The ad space in Sheffield, U.K. reportedly cost hundreds of dollars, but we’re sure it was worth every penny.

Image: via Newsiosity

7. Read Between the Lines

One cheating spouse was brilliantly shamed in this clever ad, posted in a Texas newspaper circa 2014. At first glance, the classified looks like a thoughtful gesture to expecting parents Patrick and Shara. Until, that is, the well-wisher reveals herself to be Patrick’s wife. Oh dear.

Image: via Oddee

6. Bubbling Over


Forget about sugar in the gas tank: Quebecer Rene Daniel had a more disgusting solution to his marital woes. The soon-to-be-divorcee piled heaps of manure into his wife’s hot tub after learning of her plans to end their marriage. Gross, but she would certainly have got the message…

Image: Reddit

5. A Real Piece of Art

Every picture tells a story, and this Reddit user’s portrait has a very pointed message: “Don’t date assholes.” The master artist was none other than the woman’s boyfriend, who apparently didn’t take too kindly to being kicked out of her house; the frame and slogan, though, was all her work.

Image: via someecards

4. A Real Estate Advantage


In 2012 Elle Zomer turned her husband’s affair with a college student to her advantage when she put their marital home on the market. With a little imaginative marketing, and one unique selling point, the Portland house sold in just 23 days.

Image: via The Good Humor

3. Love Thy Neighbor

One New York native revealed that his wife and local man Davey had become more than just good neighbors when he posted news of their affair all over town. We doubt Davey Boy was invited round much for coffee by anyone after this flyer.

Image: via Newsiosity

2. TV Touchdown


While most sports fans write signs to support their favorite team, Annie Wagner used hers to rub her cheating ex’s face in it. Held aloft during a 2011 Packers game, this bold declaration helped the scheming girlfriend get even on a national scale.

1. Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Exes aren’t the only ones facing the wrath of passive-aggressive lovers, either; this gamer struck the friend who was dating his ex-fiancée. Obliging to return his borrowed Wii, the bro did so only after encasing it in a tomb of cable ties.