40 Christmas Design Disasters That Will Make You Choke On Your Eggnog

Image: Lemonlaksen

Whoever said that Christmas was “the most wonderful time of the year” has lived a lucky life, far from the reach of holiday design fails. The following 40 disasters are so bad, they’re good. In fact, we can’t promise you won’t spit out your eggnog as you laugh along with these completely genuine, almost unbelievable decorations.

Image: paigepaige77

40. With bell-shaped bells On

For those in the market for bell-shaped ornaments, this pack assures shoppers they’ve found the right product – “bell-shaped bells.” The person who shared the image on Reddit wrote, “I’m gonna put them on my Christmas tree-shaped Christmas tree.” Touche.

Image: Instagram/azura_blackheart

39. Facepalm

Wrapping a tree in a string of lights seems like a safe way to decorate for the holidays. Unfortunately, palm trees have messed up the entire algorithm. Though eye-catching, they may not bring the season’s signature family-friendly cheer.

Image: Instagram/trinadooglas

38. Ha-pee Christmas

Santa Claus has to work around the clock on Christmas, and he has a lot of ground to cover. This holiday decoration pays homage to his hard work, by showing us how he manages to make it through the night without time for breaks.

Image: Instagram/mstwoone

37. Saucy streetlights


“Deck the halls with boughs of holly,” they said. What they failed to mention is that you can’t put a candle on top of your foliage. Otherwise, your decor will look much more suggestive than you want it to, as evidenced above.

Image: Poopenheimer

36. Yes, please stop

This sign could easily be fixed with a few punctuation changes and the inclusion of an additional word. “Dear Santa, I’ve been a good girl. Please stop here,” might have worked better. Instead, we get a message that reads very creepily, so we have to agree – please stop.

Image: maxt0r

35. … And a Partridge in a poo tree


The base sculpture for this tree is baffling in and of itself. Its brown swirls look eerily similar to – well, you know. We’re just keen to discover who thought it would be made any better by the addition of Christmas lights.

Image: dtschoerner

34. Don’t jump for joy

Normally, Santa imploring us to jump for joy would be a welcome invitation for holiday celebration. However, when he is standing on the edge of a bridge with the same message beneath him, it comes across as incredibly dark.

Image: ProgVal

33. Panty Claus


There are so many puns for this strange lighting display, which resembles a laundry line loaded with undergarments. “Lighty whities,” wrote one Reddit user. “They put a brief amount of thought into this,” joked another. All we can say is, we’re glad our undies aren’t made of lights.

Image: Lemonlaksen

32. The grown-up table

Poor grandma – apparently she put together this festive holiday spread. As she innocently rolled napkins and popped them into wine glasses, she had no idea that the final product would be so inappropriate.

Image: Anitia158

31. Not so angelic…


Once again, a grandmother is to blame for displaying a rather suggestive-looking Christmas decoration. Angels holding candles and singing sounds like fine inspiration, but it doesn’t quite work with extra-large candles in their hands.

Image: Instagram/rick_in_pics

30. Light my candle

What is it about candles? Here we have a Christmas candle cookie, which probably looks fine if positioned upright. On its side, however, the waxy wick appears to take on a more anatomical shape. Somehow, the frosting doesn’t help, either.

Image: Sblumy

29. Oh, Christmas tree…


Ths candy’s packaging promises a Christmas-tree shaped candy inside. However, once the wrapping has been removed, it’s clear that peanut butter and chocolate can’t really maintain such a geometric shape. At least it still tastes good.

Image: via Amazon

28. A mug full of LOLs

Based on the Amazon ad for this mug, its exterior is supposed to brighten from a dark, shadowy scene to show Santa and his reindeer once a hot beverage is added. One customer ordered it only to find that the mug featured the online promotional image, rather than the actual color-changing design as promised.

Image: Lilypadwat

27. Simply havin’ a waffle-ful Christmas time


Here’s another bit of false seasonal advertising, this time for a snowflake waffle maker. Although the breakfast confection featured on the box appears perfectly pressed with a snow-inspired design, the device itself has only a traditional grid inside. So, where did this waffle come from?

Image: EndlessDaydreamer

26. Stick it to the reindeer

We’re not quite sure what happened here. Did the designer run out of space and have to decide between eyes and antlers? Did they forget the reindeer’s peepers and try to cover it up? Either way, this decoration ended up being equal parts creepy and painful-looking.

Image: SociallyAwkwardWagyu

25. Sad Santa


Santa flies over the skies on Christmas Eve, his reindeer-led sleigh carrying him from house to house to deliver toys. We love to see homages to this journey, so long as they feature St. Nick floating in his chariot. This dangling, lifeless Santa mannequin, on the other hand, is way too creepy for Christmas.

Image: cam1224x

24. O, holy crud

This festive shower curtain could be a cutesy addition to the right bathroom. However, in this particular space, Santa and Rudolph have their necks angled directly toward the toilet, giving a cutesy audience to whoever’s using the facilities.

Image: PDwasHere

23. North Pole plumbing


Perhaps this list is teaching us to avoid Christmas-themed bathroom decor altogether. This time, we have a toilet decorated to look like Santa himself. It’s a cute idea until someone sits down to go and thinks about the physics of it all.

Image: magnoliamelts

22. Frosty the Snowblob

According to the person who posted this picture on Instagram, their gluten-free cookie mix didn’t maintain the shape provided by their cookie cutter. So what was once a snowman appears to be a white blob. At least he’s smiling about it.

Image: Blenderhead36

21. Thumb all ye faithful


Those who celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday know that 25 December marks the birth of Jesus. This ornament attempts to commemorate that by depicting the newborn, but it looks much more like a thumb than a newborn baby.

Image: via imgur

20. Not-so-sweet Santa

Once again, we have a case of a poorly packaged piece of Christmas candy. This one promises to look just like Santa Claus himself, but, once the foil has been peeled back, we see something entirely different.

Image: Bossplot

19. What’cha holding, Santa?


This Santa statue stands year-round in Rotterdam, Holland, and gets plenty of attention from tourists and locals. Although the sculptor saw his creation as him holding a pine tree, the final product appears to be a very different accessory.

Image: Donald_Keyman

18. Poached polar bear

Head to your local Starbucks this holiday season for a fun little eye test. Start by locating the polar bear cookies in the pastry case. Then, analyze them – do you see a bear wearing a scarf or an animal that has been slain and served as dessert?

Image: sonofwillyard

17. Santa’s favorite elf


We imagine this plush figurine is supposed to show Santa sharing a sweet hug with one of his elves. However, the finished product looks a whole lot more questionable than intended. And, according to the Imgur user that posted the picture, that’s why the product was pulled from shelves.

Image: furzigel

16. Maybe we should steer clear of candles

Here’s yet another example of why candles should not be included in your Christmas decorating scheme – unless, of course, you’re into that kind of thing. This candle-inspired cookie is made worse by the faux wax dripping down its side.

Image: Michaelsj723

15. Turned off, they turn on


At night, these Virginia Beach displays lit up to show Saint Nick as he bends over to pick up a wrapped present. In the daytime, though, the set-up seems to feature two Santas enjoying each other’s gifts instead.

Image: chris_m_h

14. Cheers to cheeks

This McDonald’s coffee cup purports to send its warmest holiday greetings to those sipping on the restaurant’s java. However, the abstract image of clinking coffee mugs was not so friendly once one cheeky customer drew hands onto the cup.

Image: BeardAfterDark

13. Handy pair of leggings


Even with their major sewing error, these leggings are pretty laughable – who wants a pair of Santas on their bottom? But they get even worse when they’re turned around to reveal St. Nick’s hand, which has been stitched right into the pants’ front seam. He-llo.

Image: SquigglyGiggles

12. Four the love of…

A quartet of Christmas carolers would, indeed, make a great addition to any holiday tree, and this box promises a set of four figurines who are singing together. However, it’s clear that they’ve miscounted the number of ornaments on offer.

Image: via imgur

11. Plain pancakes, please


Who doesn’t love breakfast? This stack of golden pancakes sure looks appetizing – until we see where the syrup’s coming from. On second thought, we’ll stick to the eggs and bacon. No need for any toppings over here.

Image: via imgur

10. Let it snow

You’ve probably wrapped gifts in paper printed with the lyrics of a popular holiday song. This paper was supposed to exclaim, “Let it snow,” but it didn’t work when used to wrap a small package. Word to the wise – double-check when you use this wordy wrapping paper to avoid sending the wrong message.

Image: pennsler

9. Weird beard


We’re conditioned to believe that Santa loves children enough to bring them presents as a reward for a year’s worth of good behavior. This slightly terrifying mural seems to depict what happens to the naughty boys and girls – they get trapped inside of his beard.

Image: coolblue420

8. Not so angelic

Angels are a big motif in Christmas decorating, as we’ve seen a few times already on this list. And of course, we expect each one to be, well, angelic. Which is why this less-than-adorable figurine makes us shudder.

Image: Twitter/Kenny Jones

7. All of the lights


Whether you prefer them to be plain white or multicolored, no Christmas tree is complete without a set of sparkling lights. This box of bulbs promises an entirely different type of display, though. And it’s not one we want to see on our holiday centerpiece.

Image: chrissilich

6. Saucy side view

Who doesn’t love the convenience of a gift bag? You can throw a present inside, cover it with a piece of tissue paper and voila – no intense wrapping required. Unfortunately, this bag’s design is making us rethink our laziness.

Image: summit28

5. Playful pile-up, or…?


As the song goes, “Frosty the Snowman was a jolly, happy soul,” and now we know why. He took part in these types of eye-catching activities with his fellow snowmen and women. Maybe that’s what kept him in such good spirits.

Image: kramertoast-

4. Eye don’t like it

Here we have yet another anatomical error, thanks to a designer who has apparently never seen a human eye before. If we look closely at this sweet, plush Santa Claus, we notice his eyelashes are stitched inside of his eye, sprouting from his pupil. Ouch.

Image: mxrxqueen

3. No peeking!


According to the user who posted this image on Reddit, this picture comes from a children’s 12 Days of Christmas seek-and-find book. Well, we’ve found something, and we don’t like it – a cartoonish depiction of a dressing room Peeping Tom in the midst of all the holiday shoppers.

Image: PandaHugandKiss

2. Holiday handyman

Of all the items in your home that you would think could be made more festive, the last on the list is probably your plunger. And, yet, somehow, here we are looking at a picture of a pine tree-inspired plunger for your bathroom.

Image: via Bored Panda

1. Berry Christmas


Finally, we have this poor inflatable reindeer, who has innocently taken a seat. He could not have known that there was a cluster of holly berries beneath his perch. Nor could he have realized how they’d look once he sat down.