20 Disney Toys from Your Childhood Now Being Sold for Serious Bucks

Images: Popscreen/ BigW

If you ever had a Disney toy while growing up, there’s a chance that it could be worth some serious money these days. And while some of the eBay auctioneers in question may have been a little liberal when estimating the worth of their items, if you have any of the following 20 toys tucked away, you could still be in for a pleasant surprise.

Image: Popscreen

20. 101 Dalmatians Giga Pet


Tamagotchis were all the rage in the 1990s, so perhaps nostalgia is responsible for netting this 101 Dalmatians Giga Pet a $90 price tag on eBay. And, presumably, whoever is prepared to shell out this amount of money for the sealed item won’t be as mean as Cruella de Vil.

Image: Bonanza

19. Sega Genesis Aladdin game

Only kids of the 1990s will likely remember the Sega Genesis, a console that reigned supreme before Playstation and Xbox. Those wishing to relive the 16-bit world can pick up this copy of Aladdin for $95 on eBay… if their console still works, of course.

Image: Worthpoint

18. Mickey Mouse and Friends Carry Around Camper

Released in the 1990s, a mint-condition Mickey Mouse and Friends Carry Around Camper now raises as much as $100 on eBay. Given how destructive toddlers can be with their toys, however, it’s probably wise to leave this expensive item in the box.

Image: Pinterest/Alicia Wiechert

17. Hercules Legend of Love Gift Set


Hercules may not be as famous as other 1990s Disney flicks, but its action figures still fetch a high price. This 1997 Legend of Love Gift Set from Mattel is strongly valued at $125 by one eBay seller.

Image: via Amazon

16. Pocahontas Colorforms Playset

Colorforms weren’t the most complicated toys on the market; indeed, the playsets often only consisted of a few stickers and a printed backdrop. It’s all the more bewildering, then, to find that this Pocahontas playset is being sold for $160 on eBay.

Image: eBay/vierling808

15. Mulan Real Riding Khan Play Set


Valued at a hefty $160, this Mulan Real Riding Khan Play Set is only slightly cheaper than owning a real horse. Still, at least the toy – which seeks to simulate the equestrian experience – isn’t as messy or quite as high-maintenance as the real thing.

Image: via Superhero Hype

14. Darkwing Duck Gas Gun

Darkwing Duck’s “let’s get dangerous” catchphrase looms large on this retro toy. Equipped with “realistic smoky gas,” this “gas gun” toy looks like a recipe for disaster – and its $160 price tag on eBay probably doesn’t include additional hospital fees.

Image: via  live-av

13. Beauty and the Beast Toy China Tea Set


Fine china can be a costly investment, so perhaps it’s no surprise that this Beauty and the Beast tea set is valued at $165. It isn’t the fanciest dinner set, though, so it’s probably not wise to serve these at your next dinner party.

Image: SleEppY HollOw

12. Ariel’s Undersea Hideaway

Anyone still in possession of original Little Mermaid toys may be sitting on a chest of sunken treasure. This Ariel’s Undersea Hideaway playset is valued at an impressive $198 online, and that’s even without Flounder or Sebastian figurines.

Image: Worthpoint

11. TaleSpin Sea Duck Plane


Though it lasted only one season, Disney Channel’s TaleSpin managed to accumulate a legion of fans. So many, it seems, that one eBay user can get away with selling a used Sea Duck Plane toy for $200.

Image: eBay/pumpkinsaftermidnight

10. Simba’s Pride Talking Kovu and Kiara Cub Plush

The Lion King is one of Disney’s most popular films, and even toys of its less renowned characters can be sold for a serious price. With a little help, at least. Kovu and Kiara’s appearance in the direct-to-video Simba’s Pride was obviously enough to raise the valuation of this Talking Plush set to $200.

Image: via  Moby Games

9. Super Nintendo Goof Troop game


While some retro games are worth their weight in gold these days, $220 still seems to be a little too much for this copy of Goof Troop on the SNES. And when similar copies fetch as little as $13, some eBay sellers may just be pushing their luck when asking for almost 20 times that figure.

Image: eBay/tristatedollcollector

8. The Rocketeer LCD Video Game

Anyone who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s will no doubt recognize Tiger Electronics’ LCD handheld games, and their rudimentary charm is worth big bucks today. Valuations of this sealed title – based on 1991’s The Rocketeer – can soar to as much as $265.

Image: eBay/Only Polly Pocket

7. Polly Pocket Peter Pan Neverland Playset


Small in size but not in price, this Polly Pocket Peter Pan Neverland Playset has been valued at $333 on eBay. Featuring miniaturized characters from the classic 1953 film, the toy makes for a great – if easy to misplace – collector’s item.

Image: eBay/kala0103

6. The Lion King Mufasa Plush

Standing tall at 30 inches, this Lion King Mufasa plush doll is certainly big enough to warrant a high price tag, but its real value may surprise some. Despite featuring some noticeable wear and tear, the regal doll is valued on eBay at $350.

Image: eBay/simplysusans411e

5. Bearladdin’s Genie


Many items on this list were store-bought in their time, but this item is much more of a rarity. Only 400 of these bear Genies – based on the iconic character from 1992’s Aladdin – were made, though even that doesn’t seem to justify the $375 price tag put on it by one eBay seller.

Image: Pinterest/Thomas Gomez

4. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Handheld LCD Game

Another retro handheld device, this Mickey and Minnie Mouse LCD game has been valued at as much as $500. A Japanese import from 1989, this item may not have been found in many Americans’ toy boxes, but anyone lucky enough to still have one can expect a decent payoff in return.

Image: eBay/sevilleIn

3. Tarzan Jungle Treehouse Playset


Based on the 1999 film, the Tarzan Jungle Treehouse Playset promises “hours of imaginative fun” for boys and girls alike. However, with a valuation of $850 on eBay, it might also promise hours of worrying about finances for its buyer.

Image: eBay/cherry-78

2. The Little Mermaid Talking Ariel Doll

When it comes to talking dolls, this Ariel toy literally dwarfs the competition. The limited edition Little Mermaid figure stands at a sort-of-lifelike three feet and three inches tall and is valued by one eBay seller at a similarly lofty price of $975.

Image: BigW

1. Toy Story Woody 25cm Figurine


Woody dolls were pretty common after Toy Story’s 1995 release, so it’s somewhat baffling that one eBay seller is trying to shift this basic 10-inch figurine for an astronomical $5,990. For that money, we’d expect it to come to life just like in the movie. We suggest a seller putting this price tag on the toy gets to infinity and beyond.