Can You Really Eat Thousand-Year-Old Eggs?

Thousand Year Old EggsImage by: Florian

If you’re of a delicate disposition it’s probably best you click away now.

We’ve just come across one-thousand-year-old eggs by Alex over at Just Cook It! Although thought of as a delicacy in Asia, the very idea of eating an egg that’s been lying around for 10 centuries is more than gross, and even grosser (if that’s a word) when someone regales every detail of how it tastes when eaten.

“They are a frightening looking foodstuff. If you took an x-ray of a raw egg, asked a three year old to colour it in and took a photograph of the result, the negative of that photo would look similar to a thousand year egg.”

“The very moment I put this odd, quivering brown and grey jelly to my mouth I knew it wasn’t going to end well. The subtlety of the congee was simply lost amid an explosion of rancid sulphur, like a box of old eggs had been cooked in a catalytic converter. Everything about this bizarre foodstuff was repellent – the flavour, the texture, the smell and the appearance. I didn’t listen to it but I dare say if I had, it would have sounded disgusting as well.”

Think we’ll leave the food tasting to him!

Check out the rest of the article here.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the eggs aren’t really a thousand years old.