Eccentric Recipes from a Subnormal Mind

How about a tuna banana sandwichPhoto: Melissa

Growing up as a kid I liked lots of foods, and specially sweets, but many times I got tired of eating the same stuff over and over. So I started mixing up all sorts of ingredients to see what kind of super weird flavors I could come up with.

One of the wackiest things I made was the tuna and banana sandwich. This is for sure one of the nastiest, nausea-inducing combinations I ever tried. However I guarantee it’s a flavor you won´t forget. Wanna try it? Just get two slices of white bread, peel a banana and put on one of the slices, and add tuna from a can on the other slice. Eat up, if you dare!

Banana and tuna are too crazy to eat? Then take a bite out of this brown sugar on a sandwich. Yup, just sugar and bread. Sounds nuts, but it’s delicious. If you want you can add chocolate sauce or maple syrup. Super sweet and mega tasty!

Need something to wash it down with? What about ice cream with cola in a glass or a gelatine mix with lemonade?

Tasty these culinary extravagances, and remember there´s nothing wrong with eating strange mixes; it´s all about getting rid of the ordinary.