Edible Human Body Parts

What you’re about to see is not cannibalism but it sure might look like it. The following maimed body parts are the product of 28-year-old Thai artist Kittiwat Unarrom who has created a gruesome body part bakery. He first creates bread sculptures from dough, raisins, cashews and chocolate and then turns them into realistic looking bruised and battered body parts like feet, hands, organs and heads. Whatever the secret to his final touch to the finished product is, it looks damn real. It then simply gets wrapped up and usually gets sold like hot cakes.

It all started out with a competition at Unarrom’s university and ended up becoming the way he makes his living. He has a master’s degree in fine arts and comes from a family that runs a bakery. His bread sculptures have been sold to regular customers, galleries and exhibitions and can run up a tap of about $500 a loaf.

So, would anyone like a piece of mind???

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