Illegal Genetically Modified Rice Found in Chinese Market

Greenpeace recently announced that they have found unauthorized genetically modified rice from the United States for sale in a Beijing supermarket.

A rice field in the southern United States

Greenpeace found the GMO rice by collecting ten samples of US food from two supermarkets in the Chinese capital. One of the samples contained the Liberty Link strain of GMO rice. The Liberty Link rice, created by Bayer Crop Science, led to a sharp decline in U.S. rice exports after its discovery in U.S. commercial rice supplies last year.

Rice is the staple food for much of China’s population. The sale or import of GMO rice is illegal in the country. However, some GMO imports, such as soy beans or corn, are allowed to be processed into other products or sold as animal feed. China does not import a large amount of rice from the United States. The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture is investigating the case.

Source: Reuters

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