The Chic New Calorie-Free Chocolate Inhaler

Le Whif 1Photo: Plushev

A year ago, scientists at Harvard University developed a chic new dieting tool – a food inhaler – and now, it’s biodegradable. Le Whif is an inhaler that contains small particles of chocolate, coffee, and several other flavours, which one breathes in to experience taste without the calories. By sucking the food particles through the mouth, all of which are larger than 10 microns in diameter, air enters the lungs, while gravity forces all particles onto the tongue. Coating the taste buds in chocolate allows for the minimum amount of food with the maximum amount of taste. One puff amounts to less than a single calorie.

Le Whif 2Photo: EverJean

After the product’s inception, Le Whif embarked on a world tour to advertise the product. However, creators of Le Whif were not satisfied with the environmental liability of selling merchandise in a plastic container. A mere eight puffs of chocolate would leave a new piece of litter on the earth. The new design is both organic and biodegradable (made from poly-lactic acid), further mitigating the guilt of consuming chocolate.

Le Whif 3Photo: Stepheye

Another modification of Le Whif is the coffee variety. Without having to drink a full cup, users can enjoy the caffeine jolt of an espresso with a single inhaler. Le Whif is currently developing three-course-meal-inhalers. While it can never provide daily caloric needs, Le Whif can encourage indulgent foodies to cut down on food production, consumption, and waste, without abstaining from the joy of taste.