The Coolest Fruit On Earth

miracle fruitPhoto:
Image by roboppy

Written by new contributor, Sonia Dong

The wonders of the natural world never cease to amaze. Imagine: a fruit that when eaten, renders sour foods sweet. It’s like the Midas touch of food, and it actually exists.

Dubbed Miracle Fruit, this small red berry hailing from West Africa is the star performer at ‘flavour tripping parties’ organized by Franz Aliquo in the United States. Bartenders have also been experimenting with the fruit to create new cocktails, and UK art magazine Cabinet has included it on the menu at their events.

At the ‘flavour tripping’ events, partygoers pop a red berry in their mouths, and for the next hour, limes taste like candy and vinegar like apple juice. Other choice eats at these parties include bananas, mustard, cheese, dark beer and cheap tequila.

taste testPhoto:
Image by Andrew Yang

The flavour-altering berry (or Synsepalum dulcificum, if you want to be technical), contains a protein called miraculin. When miraculin comes into contact with acids, the result is a sweet, sweet taste in your mouth. We want.

Source: NY Times